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I wonder if anyone can see and read my blogg? I haven't had any comments in so long that's why I ask. Erik didn't win a Grammy last night but he had a blast and he and his fiancé looked just great! Another Swede, Ludwig Göransson, won 3 prices though. Congrats to him.
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New month and new challenges

Since I last wrote I have had boardmeeting at my work where I sit on the board. I have had audit for the Rheumatic association which went well.  We have also had our first of the year member meeting and the theme this time was Fibromyalgia and Morbus Dercum (a rare disease) and as usual I made a good healthy soup and to that we serve bread, cheese, water, coffee with something sweet too.   They don't look that happy but we had just eaten and it's serioud matters we discuss I have also had audit at work which also went very well and is extremely early. I have attended a board meeting with the Rheumatic assocation district Stockholm. I went to my hairstylist since it was long overdue. My hairstylist has truly became a very good and dear friend. We have similar backgrounds and we have children that are artists. Her daughter is a singer and show host on one of the cruise ships on the Baltic Sea and I have Jonas. We have so much fun toghether she and I and we have even

Did you see the blood moon today?

I was at work early, 5AM, as usual and then it had started. I took a photo and a bit later it was totally a blood moon. I don't know if you remember Jo, when I visited a couple of years ago and it was said to be a blood moon in LA. So we were out on the street at night but it was nothing compared to this one. Starting, you can see the eclipse although the photo is a bit blurr And here it is - the blood moon. Rather good photo where you see the red but a bit blurr. Have a good day everyone.


I left you in December just before Christmas with a beginning cold. And of course it bloomed the rest of my leave from work. So I decided to stay home another week so my first day in the new year was yesterday :-) Even if I felt ill we had a lot of fun during Christmas and New Year. The day before Christmas Eve Jonas, Mandy and Eddie came. We did the last Christmas decorations, ate together and had a good time before going to bed. They slept over so in the morning we all had a wonderful Christmas breakfast which, of course, included Christmas porridge (which we only eat once a year) made of rice and to that we had the obligatory Christmas ham sandwich with mustard. This is so good and when you have this you know it's Christmas. Of course I bought the ham from an organic farm where I have been myself. They actually also have a recording studio on the ground so Jonas has been there several times recording bands. Therefore I know the pigs are well kept and have the best lives t


As I told you last time I went to Linköping to attend a Christmas concert which my friend Matilda has every year. Sometimes with her cousin Peter but last year and this year without him. But this year she instead had David Lindgren who is a great artist - singer, dancer, musical and more. The had a great chemistry on stage and although Matilda had a cold she sang like an angel. You could hear the rasp in the lower registry but up on the high notes you didn't heard it at all. The concert was so great. All the traditional Christmas carols and songs and some that weren't Christmas at all. Matildas uncle Janne (Peter's father) played the accordion and he's a master of that. Then there were the children. Peter's two children who are adorable, and also the children of the singers in the choir - all of them cousins! Yes it is a family show. And if you bought a CD you got a lottery (I only had one) and they did the draw in the interval and revealed the result in t

Hello December

This month started with a tax education, yeah :-) in Uppsala. Since we don't have a goverment yet due to the chaotic political scene after the election, no one actually knows what's going to happen with taxes. It's just guesses. The day after we had Christmas celebration at the Rheumatic district of Stockholm. It was a lot of fun, good food and nice to meet everyone :-) And on Saturday it was time for Christmas lunch with my own Rheumatic local association. We were around 30 members incl. Eddie and Mandy. We had a lot of good food and we had the party at a local hotel here in Väsby in Bredden. There were two other children there so I bought them each a Christmas gift and they were very happy for what they got from the Rheumatic Santa Claus. Me decorating a board member with a honoray sign Eddie and the palm tree Some of the Christmas bord I haven't been feeling well for a couple of months. I have had fever now and then, headache, runny nose, ey

Friends, musical and sick

On Saturday we had our good friends over for lunch. Since she doesn't eat gluten I made Swedish hamburgers glutenfree which means I didn't have any breadcrumbs in it but instead egg and cream and of course seasoning. They were delicious. I served roasted sweet potatoe and Jerusalem artichoke to that and also a gorgeous sallad, if I may say so myself. For dessert and coffee I made a Pavlova but also included crusched Daim (a good chocolate). We sat for several hours talking about what had been going on, how we were and how our children and grandchildren are. Because of their illness we haven't been able to meet so much this year so we had a lot of catching up to do. It's so nice with good friends. You don't have to say that much, nor explain because we understand. We have been friends now for 34 years so a very long time. We also laugh a lot when we meet. All in all a wonderful afternoon. Work as usual Monday. On Tuesday I started feeling "funny&quo