H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 23 juli 2014

Mother-Son Day with Jonas

Me and Jonas on the ferry
Did we have a wonderful day? Yes we did. Was it hot? YES, it was and still is! We still have, at 10.30PM 24C!!! It's gonna be hard sleeping again.
The eating started :-)

The day started out with a quick rise of temperature so when we left Väsby for unknown territory it was well around 29C. 

Gorgeous soup, västerbottenpie and omelette

Me and Jonas by the table. Look at the view outside!

The toilets are supernice and very beautiful like this basin in marble

I had booked a table for lunch at Artipelag at Värmdö. If you have read my blog before you know I have been there and love the place. It's a artcenter but not only that because the house is huge and have both exhibitions inside as well as outside. The place was built by the inventor of Baby Björn (you know the one you carry your babies in). He personally invested money in this and everything is built so it suits children, grownups, disabled and elderly. He thought of everything. It's situated by Baggensfjärden and there is a way from the sea up to house which is built so you can go there even if you are in a wheelchair or have trouble walking.
Doesn't he look like a real rockstar? ;-)
When we arrived the temp. had risen to 32C and we asked to be seated inside where they had AC :-)
It was too hot to sit outside. No wind from the sea, no nothing just plain hot.
But the food which consisted of a "skärgårdsbord" is kind of a smorgasbord but with more seafood.
It was delicious and so much. Both Jonas and I were very contect after a couple of hours and went for a walk down to the sea. Beautiful!
Waiting for the ferry. In the background you can see Oscar Fredriksborgs fortress which is the only way to go to Stockholm by ship.

After that I had planned that we should go to a sea bathe but when we got there it was crowded and we decided we didn't want to go down. So we continued to Djurönäset which is a hotel and conference center. Also beautifully located  by the sea. Then on to Stavsnäs pier which was a nice little archipelago village. Värmdö is a big island in the archipelago.
Vaxholm citadel
Then we decided to go another way home with ferries. So we drove to the quay where we took the car ferry (free) to Rindö and then drove across to take the next ferry to Vaxholm. We made it on board just in time before the ferry left. Those ferries were the only times where we actually could feel a kind of breeze. Days like this you really should be at sea! 

Thank you for a wonderful day Jonas - I love you!

Tomorrow I'm off to Sankt Anna archipelago to go to a concert with Peter and Matilda. It's me and my friend Ingvor. We are staying at a hotel at Stegeborg. I have no idea how that will go because it's said to be even warmer tomorrow!! 

As always take care and be kind to each other. Sov gott!

tisdag 22 juli 2014

Mother-son day with my oldest

Me and Danniel outside the castle. It's not the house behind us which is a wing)
Yesterday I had my mother-son day with Danniel who is my oldest. I try to go to interesting places and often two different during the day. I don't tell them in advance. It's funnier that way :-)
The big pool (we didn't bath since we had no bathing clothes) which was the first outdoor pool in Sweden built in the 30's

Beautiful ceiling in the dining room. There was a castle here already during the Vikings in the 900

Danniel and I went to Häringe castle which is on the way to Nynäshamn. We have passed there so many times during our trips to Gotland but never actually went in there. So now it was time.
The weather was superb or rather very hot. But my car has AC so it's OK driving, but when you get out that's a different matter.
I had booked for lunch and they showed us the terrace. But with temp. over 100F we couldn't possibly sit there so we asked to be seated inside and we were. Actually we were the only ones inside :-) But it was so nice and cool so we really did a good choice. Beside that it was a banquet hall with a wonderful ceiling (see photo)
After lunch which was good we went on a sightseeing of the castle.
I'm sorry for the bad quality of some of the photos.
Beautiful open fire place

Big salon where they usually serve afternoon tea

Another beautiful open fire place in the big salon

Pool table in one of the rooms

Another beautiful ceiling
 After the tour around the castle - we even went down to the wine cellar and the dungeon - we continued our trip and now we headed to a meat shop where they have meat, or meat from animals that comes from selected farms. The animals have been out and not breeded in some barn and fed with pills. They eat grass and are naturally breeded which makes the meat tast so much better. 
They also have eggs from hens living like they used to, outside, happy as only hens can be ;-)
Sanda hönseri

After shopping a lot (!) we went back home to Danniel for some coffee and freshed baked cinnamon buns. Danniel had made them the day before. We had a very nice time on his newly fitted balcony. They have installed glass around it which makes it perfect as an extra room. After that I went home after a wonderful day with my oldest. A day that to me is luxury, being able to be with my sons one at the time as adults. 

Time for coffee and buns

Happy Mom on the balcony
Tomorrow it's Jonas and me that are going to hang out. Can't tell you where we are going though since it's a surprise ;-)

Take care and I will write about our adventure too.

lördag 19 juli 2014

Vacation time

Me and Hasse on boat sightseeing

My Mom's cousin Kerstin - a wonderful lady. The Öresundsbridge in the background
My suite - the wedding suite
Time flies when you are on vacation. Don't you think? I haven't written since July 9 and I have been doing fun stuff since then. No long trip but shorter ones.
Boat sightseeing with Turning Torso
Me at the same restaurant with the Marina behind me

One of the bridges we went under

First I went to Malmö in Scania to visit my Mom's cousin which I try to do as often as I can. We had a wonderful afternoon/evening together first at her home and then at this beautiful restaurant almost on the water. We sat outside overlooking the Öresundsbridge, the sea and we could even see Copenhagen on the other side, so a very clear day/evening. Of course by the sea we had fish. Gorgeous and a glass good white wine to that. I stayed one more day and it was said that my cousins might be there but I never heard from them. But I had a wonderful day ending up walking 8,7 km, shopping, taking a boatsightseeing at the canals (always like to do that) and went home on the third day.
Wonderful little restaurant I found called the Alley. 

Then on Tuesday me and Hasse went to "our" hotel for a 3-day stay there which is also by the sea, litterally. Our favorite room wasn't available (although I booked over 2 months ago asking for it) so we ended up in a suite which was nice but didn't have the windows we want. It had these round windows and you have to stand up by them to see anything. We want the big windows where you can sit and watch out on all the boat traffic that is going on and even lie in bed watching the water, the city and Djurgården. Instead we sat on the quay where they have, this year, placed lounge furnitures and had servings. It was so nice to go there after dinner, just sitting relaxed and watch all the traffic including the big cruise ships.

Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde

Hasse on the tram

Big cruise ship in Stockholm

"Our" hotel

Boat sightseeing

Sitting on the quay in the lounge watching ships go by

Rainbow but no rain

Svärdsjö - Dalarna

Our little lake close by - Norrviken
Yesterday we had our good friends Anne and Johnny over for dinner. It was so nice to meet them and have time to sit down and talk. The weather was just beautiful even if it's too hot for me. I was in the kitchen almost all day with the oven on so I was melting ;-) I made an asparagus soap with serrano chips as a starter, followed by a dish with chicken in a wonderful sauce gratinated in the oven with Wästerbotten cheese (!) and for dessert fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream and a home made caramel sauce. Very good! The dessert we ate outside in the garden because it had cooled down a bit and was "only" 24C. 
At the dinner table

Yes, we have H.E.A.T wave here now ;-)  I can't stand it because it's too hot to sleep. When it's like this you should have AC or at least be living by the sea where you have some sea breeze at least.
Our front garden
Speaking of H.E.A.T - yesterday they played in Padua, Italy as support, once again, for Scorpions. At the same time here in Väsby we have a rock festival which started yesterday and ends tonight. The final band playing is Europe! They will start at midnight and play until 1.45AM!!

Watch this video from Padua, Italy last night. Incredible!

Monday I'm going to have my Mom-Son day with Danniel and on Wednesday the same with Jonas. Tell you more afterwards. Thursday I'm going to the archipelago of S:t Anna in Östergötland to go to a concert with Peter and Matilda. Looking forward to that too. And then next week my vacation is over and I start work on Monday 28.

As always - take care whereever you are!

måndag 7 juli 2014

Svärdsjö and singalong

A glass of wine before we left
 What a fantastic weekend we have had. We went to Svärdsjö in Dalarna to visit Gunilla and Per.

Me and Hasse had chairs with us. This was one hour before the show. When it started all the places behind us were occupied
They had bought tickets and treated us with them - THANK YOU! - to singalong with Lasse Berghagen. You out of Sweden might not be familiar with Lasse Berghagen? He was the singalong leader for many years at Skansen. And we all think, in our family, that he has been the best.

Some of the people.
Anyway he comes from Svärdsjö and wanted to do a singalong there and they anticipated around 1500 people. And along came 4-4500!! Can you imagine the choir we were? We had so much fun. He had also invited artists like a rockabilly group, Lisa Miskovsky and several more.
And some more but soon it was even more.
The weather, who hasn't been great this summer, was perfect. Sunshine, some clouds and warm.
The singalong was over 2 hours long but didn't feel that at all.
We happily sang along and had fun talking to everyone around us (at least I did). I can tell you that this is the closest to house concerts we have. And this time we were, as I said, in luck with the weather. It's not the same if it's raining I can tell you.

After the show we went back home to Gunilla and Per's place which is just gorgeous with a view to die for. They had bought fillet of beef from a farmer nearby and oh my God that was good. To that they had grilled asparagus and tomatoes and was served with potatoe slices and two sauces. So good!
Late night
 After dessert which was a lime pie with strawberries and whipped cream, yummie we went inside around 11PM. Not because it was cold or dark but because the mosqitos came out.

After a good nights sleep we had breakfast outside overlooking the lake. What a good way to start the day!

We started back home and came home around lunchtime which was perfect.

A big THANK YOU to Gunilla and Per for their hospitality and for treating us. Love you!

On Thursday I'm off to Malmo and I hope the weather will be as good. 

Take care and have a great time whether on vacation or working.

H.E.A.T in Barcelona July 5 - Late night lady

  Great song, great band, great city. Everything is there. Listen and enjoy.

fredag 4 juli 2014

4th of July

First of all I wish all of you my family and friends and readers from the USA a happy 4th of July!

I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but I have been on holiday in Gotland and we have almost no internet connection there :-( Sometimes we get throgh but only for short periods which means I can't write my blog only make comments on Facebook.

We did have a wonderful time in Gotland. When we arrived it was a thunder storm but the rest of the time we were there we had sunshine even if it was cold when we were out of the sun. But we had the best weather in Sweden anyway because there were rain- thunder- and halestorms as well as some tornados (which is rare for Sweden) and we had sunshine :-) 
Visby harbor

Most of the time we rested, just relaxed around the house but we also did some excursions. Like me and Emil went to Visby on our Mother-Son Day, something I have every summer with each and every one of my sons. It's a nice tradition and you get to talk to them more deeply about them, their lives and so on. I really appreciate the time I spend with them.

This week I worked as usual but had a lot to do before I'm off on my second (or should I say third since I was in LA in April) vacation. Now I have 3 weeks off and I haven't planned any long trips.

Tomorrow we will go to Svardsjo to visit Gunilla and Per and to attend a singalong with Lasse Berghagen. That will be fun. We will stay over night and go home on Sunday.

Next week I will go to Malmo, Scania, to visit my Mom's cousin Kerstin and I will stay for three days. That will also be so nice and precious since I haven't seen her for a long time.

The week after that Hasse and I will go to our favorite hotel here in Stockholm, Elite Marina Tower,, and stay for three days.

Then I have Mother-Son day with Danniel and Jonas the following week before going to S:t Anna in Ostergotland for a concert in St Anna church with two of my favorite artists Peter Johansson and Matilda Grün. I will stay overnight at St Anna garden with my friend.

Then it's home and work again Monday 28th. Summer passes so fast doesn't it?

Speaking of Jonas. He's the hardest to get a day with. Today for instance they are going to Barcelona to play on a big festival there. 
They have had so many gigs this spring and summer and I'm so happy for them. It's so well deserved!

Take care and have a lovely vacation (you who have that) I hope you will have a great summer. I will try to write but I can't promise anything ;-)