H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 31 juli 2013

Last day of July

Yes, it's the last day of July and it's high summer. Yesterday we had quite a lot of rain and it was the first time it rained here at home since I can't remember. It was really needed. The grass haven't been green in a long time. It's yellow because it's so dry. The leaves of the trees especially the birches are getting all yellow because of the drought and this is not usual in Sweden.

I started working again on Monday after 3 weeks holiday. It was hard getting up at 4.45AM again but I managed. So I worked Monday-Tuesday. Today I'm off work because I will be working tomorrow. It's August 1 and I have to do invoicing.

Today I'm off to the hairdresser. My hair tends to grow more in the summer. Maybe it's the same for you? After that I have to go to the bank to pay my Mom's last bills. It's kind of hard because here in Sweden most banks don't have money (!!) So you have to find that special bank that is like a bank is supposed to be! Aren't bank supposed to handle money?

Anyway that's my plans for today. What's yours?

On Saturday we are going to Gävle to celebrate Hasse's oldest son and his fiancée who both turns 50 so we are invited to a 100-year party :-)
Their actual birthdays aren't until December but it's easier to invite when it's summer and you can be outside.
The same day it's a rock festival here in Väsby where bands like H.E.A.T, Dynazty and many many more perform. I would have love to be here for that but obviously can't.
There are a lot of friends from England and other countries coming for this event and I'm so sorry I won't be able to meet them :-(

I don't write often about it but I read a lot!! This summer, since June, I think I have read 10 or more books. I have a habit to read whenever or where ever I am. I can't go to sleep without reading. I read when I cook, when I eat, when I'm in the bathroom. And I have been doing this since I was a child.
Have a great day everyone!

söndag 28 juli 2013

Road trip to Helsingborg and H.E.A.T's show there

 Fans and friends, Marie-Louise, Peter, Ingvor and me

Thursday me and my very good friend Ingvor started from her house for Helsingborg. Her car was completely full since we also had her wheel chair with us.

We drove to Nyköping where we had our first stop for lunch. Then we continued to lake Vättern and we had of course to have some coffe there with this gorgeous view. The coffee wasn't that good and they hardly had anything to go with it but they did have the view ;-)

We then continued to the cute little town of Gränna which is the home of sugar candy poles or as we say polkagrisar. Of course we had to stop there and buy some. It's a tradition although the canes are very sweet and very bad for your teeth so it's really just a tradition and nothing we really eat (at least not I)

Then we drove alongside one of Sweden's most wonderful motorways that is alongside lake Vättern all the way down to Huskvarna. After Jönköping we continued into Småland and the deep forest of Småland, as we say. Not much of anything but forest. And of course some small towns. One being Ljungby from where I originate, or rather my grandfather does.

From Gränna and Vida Vättern :-)

After 8 hours drive we finally reached our destination - Helsingborg which is in Scania by Öresund. We stayed at Elite Marina Plaza and we, luckily, had our rooms overlooking Denmark (which you reach with ferry in 20 min). On the other side of the hotel they had a stage for dancebands. The whole town was filled with stages, musicians, tivoli, food and everything else you can imagine on a townfestival. The music played well into the night and for those having rooms on that side I don't think they had much sleep :-)

Sunset over Öresund and Denmark. Beautiful evening

The next day, Friday, we decided to call a friend who is also on the Rheumatic board. She has her summerhouse in Skanör which is almost as far south you can come. We called and said we would come for lunch :-) She was happy and we drove down which took only 1 hour. We had a wonderful lunch with salmon, salats, potatoes, cake with raspberries and more. Very nice and so hospital of them.

At lunch in Skanör, me, Gun and Ingvor

After that we headed back to Helsingborg for some rest before dinner and going out. We had the wheelchair since Ingvor isn't capable of standing up for long. To the big stage we went and once there we met up with friends who are big H.E.A.T-fans. Great to see them! Then H.E.A.T on stage! What a show! They had so much joy and you could really see that they enjoyed being on stage. One of the best concerts with them and I have seen many :-)

Afterwards we met up with the guys together with some other friends and fans.

The night was just perfect. Very mild and I just had a dress on and it was like one of the rare (in Sweden) summer nights.

Eric and Jona on stage
Eric, Erik and Crash
The show was fantastic!

The next day we drove home but the weather had turned to worse and we had rain, heavy rain, through Scania and Småland which slowed us down. On the way up we stopped in old Linköping which is a wonderful place a little bit like Old Town in San Diego but of course Swedish style. We stayed there for some time which made us come home later than anticipated so I think it was around 7PM after 10 hours we returned. But what a road trip and how much fun we had. Singing, talking, laughing, being serious and more...

Firefighter model old in Old Linköping
The square with actors in 1800th clothes
Ingvor talking to the police with uniform from 1865

Thank you for a great trip which marked the end of my vacation. Now it's 2 1/2 week to the next one which is New York!

onsdag 24 juli 2013

Wonderful day in the archipelago with Jonas

 Me and Jonas by the beach

Today it was time for me and Jonas and have our mother-son day. It started out as a very cloudy day but as the day went along the sun came out and we had atemperature of 29C. Lucky for us I headed to a beautiful place called Marholmen just outside of Norrtälje www.marholmen.se

We strolled down to the beach, they have in fact 2 beaches, one designated for children and the other for grown-ups.

I went into the sea but I didn't bath, just went in with my feet. It wasn't very warm but still nice and cool.

 Jonas at the beach
 The beaches, photo taken from Villa Berg

We also walked around the area and up to the most beautiful house, Villa Berg, which you can for instance rent for conferences. After that we went back to "grosshandlarvillan" for lunch which we are outside in the beautiful weather while looking out over the sea.

 Having lunch in wonderful weather

We just sat there enjoying the food and our company and talked a lot. When we felt ready we drove to Norrtälje where we did some shopping at Flygfyren. A great place for shopping groceries, almost as good as in La Mirada :-)

 Inside was this amazing fireplace
And this is Villa Berg that I talked about. Isn't it gorgeous?

After that we headed home to Jonas and Mandy where we had coffee before I gave him a lift to Väsby centrum where he had some business before it was time for H.E.A.T to rehearse. 

Thank you Jonas for a wonderful day and fun company!

Mandy and Jonas striking a pose :-)

As I have told you I'm going to Helsingborg tomorrow and on Friday H.E.A.T will perform on the big stage at Helsingborg festival. I hope we will have time to talk after that but I'm not sure since H.E.A.T has an extremely hectic weekend. Friday Helsingborg, then up to Rejmyre for a gig at Skogsröjet at 6PM and at midnight they will be on stage at Olstorp outside of Skövde which is 180 km apart. They have a lot of driving to do this Saturday.

 My beautiful flowers!

And of course I can't help but showing you my beautiful flowers :-)

Take care now and I hope you have a great weekend and maybe I will see some of you in Helsingborg?

måndag 22 juli 2013

Wonderful weekend

 The fasade of the hotel a former mill (qvarn or kvarn means mill) and landmark

Back home again after a wonderful weekend at "our" hotel. This time we stayed Friday-Sunday and this was (as I might have mentioned) my prize from the cooking competition at work.

Part of our room

We arrived on Friday at 2PM and didn't get our favorite room but the exact same room one floor below. We were this time greated with wine and chocolate in our room complimentary from the hotel. It's such a nice gesture which we totally appreciate. Thank you Elite :-)

Here is the outside restaurant and in the window you see Hasse in our room

Later in the afternoon Emil and Viktoria arrived and we had dinner together. And what a dinner it was. So good!! We were completely full after that and just went up to the room to relax before they headed home. Great evening and we fell asleep listening to the sound from the waves hitting the shore. What a way to sleep and to wake up to.

 Viktoria, Hasse and Emil at the dinner table
 Me and Emil :-)
 The starter: Skagenröra with toast
 My main course: Fish and chips made out of perch and with chantarelle tartar
Dessert: Creme brulée with rhubarb, cardamom sorbet and strawberry

Saturday we woke up to a blue sky and we decided to go touristing :-) We jumped on the ferry and then walked down to Grand hotel where the sightseeing boats leave. We bought a tour under Stockholm bridges which is 2 hour long and takes you through 2 locks as well. Great scenic tour and so interesting to see Stockholm from the water. It's great to see people bathing in the capital. We have several nice sand beaches in different places and the water is cleaner than ever. It hasn't been this good in 17 years.

I wonder how many capitals there are where you can take a clean, fresh swim in?

 Hasse listening to the guide on the sightseeing boat
 View of Vasa museum

After the tour we took another boat (!) to our hotel. Yes, since our hotel is by the water there is a commute boat that takes you there from the city. In the evening and on the weekends when there aren't that many tours the hotel itself has a boat that take guests to the city, the Gröna Lund or Gamla stan and it's for free!! That is what I call service.

Sunset over Grona Lund, isn't this beautiful?

In the evening we once again had dinner at the hotel (included in our package) and as usual great, great food. Their meat is incredible. It tastes just like meat used to taste, like real meat. Nowadays I don't know what it is you get when you buy meat. It doesn't taste meat!

Cruise ship arriving to Stockholm in the morning.

Then we watched the sun go down over Stockholm and listened to the sounds from Gröna Lund and later the calming sound of water before going to sleep.

Sunday we started out by watching a big cruise ship coming in and then a wonderful long breakfast before going up packing and leaving around noon.

Later Staffan and Lena came by for coffe before they went home to Gavle again.

Today I have a day without anything planned (!), just some shopping and cooking to do. Tomorrow mammogram.

Take care!

torsdag 18 juli 2013

Lunch with friends

 My friends Rubina, Annika and me
Yesterday I had lunch with three good friends. All of them friends from the Rheumatic association.

We met at Ingvor's place, a wonderful house, in beautiful summer weather.
I came earlier so that we two could plan our road trip next week to Helsingborg.
After a while came Annika who is the chair woman in our association in Stockholm. Me, Annika and Ingvor is part of our working committe in the association in Stockholm. We are 4 in the committee but one couldn't come because she's on holiday. It was so nice to sit down and talk, laugh and just relax together.
After a while our friend Rubina joined us. She had been cooking the meal which was Indian (or maybe Pakistan) dishes. I don't know the name of things but I think one was called Dahl (or something like that). Good but very spicy.
I had made Västerbotten pie and a big salat with feta cheese, avocado, salat, tomatoes, cucumber and more... And to that I had made a vinagraitte.
We had a wonderful time eating all these good things. Rubina I hadn't seen for a couple of years so it was so nice to meet her again.

 My beautiful hollyhocks
I also love my hollyhocks! I so wanted to plant them but Hasse was against it so I just went out and bought them. Now he thinks they are gorgeous! I bought 4 plants and they are so high now and the flowers are so many.

 The front garden
This is what you are greated of when you come to my house :-)
Hasse is the best gardener! I just pick what I want to have, buy it and then he takes care of them and make them bloom like this. He really has got what we call "green fingers". He does an amazing job caring for them and he's in the garden every day taking care of them. But he also gets a lot of praise even from people just walking by :-)

So today is a middle day. I have to call the cemetary to book the time we will be placing the urn with mother's ashes in the grave. It will probably be at the beginning of August.

Then I will pack, again, for tomorrow we are once again going to "our" hotel to spend the weekend. This time it's my prize from the cooking competition at work (I might have said that before). That should be very nice!

Next week is full of activities except for Monday when I have nothing planned. Tuesday I'm going to have my mammogram done.
Wednesday I will have mother-son day with Jonas. I have planned things but I can't tell you since it will be a surprise for Jonas :-)

 My friend Ingvor in her kitchen
Thursday I will be doing the estate inventory after Mom with a lawyer and directly after that I go to my friend Ingvor and we start our road trip to Helsingborg where we will be staying for the weekend to go to the Helsingborg festival and on Friday night we will enjoy H.E.A.T playing there! I hope we will have time to see some places when we are there like Sofiero castle.

Well that's about all for now. I will post photos and write here as well as on FB and Instagram.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful day!!

fredag 12 juli 2013

Mother and son day with my oldest one

 Me outside the pension with the view down to the bay

Today me and Danniel had a day on our own which was very nice.
It was a beautiful day and we first drove down to Södertälje and visited this wonderful old pension built in 1860 and situated so beautiful by a seabay.
 A part of the livingroom
 View from the livingroom to the bedrooms
The other side of the livingroom at the pension
When you got in it was like taking a step back to the 19th century and I loved it! It was fully modern though and all rooms had en-suite.
 One of the rooms, every room has its own look.
 The conference room
 The dining room
 View from the parking lot
The view from the dining room
After visiting the pension we continued on that road until it ended and there was this beautiful little inn also by the bay. On the opposite side from the inn there was this wonderful little seaside beach.
 Danniel waiting for food at the inn.

We decided to have lunch at the inn and we sat on the veranda overlooking the sea and all the boats coming in and out. I had a wonderful halibut (although a bit too well-done for my taste) Danniel had a beef that was delicious. Children portion since he's not allowed to eat more than that after the operation.
 Garden café at Sturehof's castle, not the best view I'm afraid. It was much more pretty than this.
 Selfportrait from the castle café

We then continued and this time we drove to Sturehof's castle which is in Norsborg. A pretty little castle that has this wonderful garden café. So this was were we had our afternoon coffee break. The castle itself dates back to the 17th century and it's believed to be even older. The first owner died in 1567 so that is when the castle must have been finished.

After all this we headed back and I dropped Danniel off at his apartment and I returned home again after a wonderful and sunny day.