H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 24 februari 2013

Meetings and birthdays

This week I was secretary at the annual meeting with the Rheumatic association Sollentuna-Upplands Vasby-Sigtuna. Chairwoman was the chairwoman of the Stockholm district.
Before the meeting I had asked one of my friends, musician and troubador, to sing and play for us. He was just great!
During the performance we had coffee and sandwiches.
Then the meeting which went very well. Afterwards we had yet another cup of coffee and more entertainment.
Our troubador - Chris Holm aka Keno

Meeting members  
I was actually free from work from Wednesday and until tomorrow so one extra day. I had worked so much I could compensate with a day which was nice. I wanted to go to a fair - Meeting and Events but in the end I wasn't feeling too good.
Since I stopped taking cortison I have slowly getting worse again :-( I do hope our weather will be better soon because I think it will take that to get better.
Emil and Mom
Yesterday we went to Danniel's birthday dinner. It's a tradition that he invites the family for dinner on his birthday. A very nice tradition I think :-)
Before that we, Hasse, me and Emil went to see my Mom. She was very happy to see us and had a good day :-) It seemed she appreciated to see Hasse and Emil.

Main course

After that we went to Danniel who had made a very delicious dinner. First we had toast with Skagenröra. Main course was Pork fillet with potatoe gratin and sallat. For dessert a beautiful strawberrycake with delicious strawberries!
Here we are enjoying ourselves.
The brothers

Me and Hasse   

 Jonas couldn't be with us since he's still in Thailand. They seem to be having a great time. With temp. around +34C (which is too hot for me) it will be quite a chock to come back to our temperatures here. They will be home Wednesday morning.

Take care now this week and I'll write soon (!) again.

söndag 17 februari 2013

As promised...

I told you that I would write again on Sunday and here I am ;-)

What happened this week then. Well, nothing much I think. In the beginning of the week there were a lot to do with the study trip to Copenhagen which I was arranging. Last minute changes, more bookings and so on.
Kungsholmens chocolate and coffee - my friends wonderful shop
Thursday it was boardmeeting time with the Rheumatic association and before that I went to my friend Christina's chocolate and coffee shop. I just love that!! Since it was Valentine's Day there were a lot of customers shopping chocolate for their loved ones, of course. I didn't get anything :-( but I did send to the ones that means a lot to me :-) And I bought little chocolate heart form my co-members of the board.

On Friday it was Danniel's 38th birthday!! Can you believe I have a son that age? How can that be? When I'm only 29+ ;-) Anyway I just sent him a birthday card but next Saturday we are going over to have dinner and congratulate him properly :-)
Danniel 37 years ago. With my Mom and on the photo below with uncle and cousins.
 Then yesterday it was Bianca's birthday (my niece) and she turned 17!
My sister Helen's beautiful daughter - she does some modelling and this is a Bridal photo shoot
 I also went to a cake party to celebrate the birth of my "great grand daughter"You know who I mean. My bff's children that "adopted" us as grandparents. The oldest had her daughter in November and instead of Christening they have this kind of namegiving party which is very popular here in Sweden instead of the Christening. Her name is Freya.

Oh, I forgot that on Monday night I drove Jonas, Mandy, Chris and Celina to Arlanda airport where they took off for Thailand. They will be back on the 27th. Lucky them! But I think, for me, it's too hot there at the moment. It's around 34C.
Jonas and Chris in the pool at their first stop
Jonas in the shower!?
Mandy and Celina in the wonderful water

 We who have to stay in the cold and snowy weather can just enjoy these beautiful photos from a warmer place on earth :-)

Take care everyone and I suppose I won't have time to write again until next Sunday :-)

söndag 10 februari 2013

Sunday - again....


And more snow. This is our front yard
It seems like I've become this once-in-a-week blogger ;-)
The weeks ticks by so fast and before I know it it's Sunday Every night I think I'll write something but there are so many things I have to do first so when my eyes keeps closing I go to bed and by then I have completely forgotten that I had the intention of writing. Ah well, it is what it is.
I have to sum up the week instead.

This last week wasn't that exciting though. Work and work and also a birthday. Our youngest grandchild, Klara, turned 17! I can't believe she's so grown. It wasn't long ago she was a baby ;-)

Klara - Happy Birthday

I have also been very busy this week arranging the study trip to Copenhagen for some of my collegues. No, I'm not going myself but I have become the trip planner and booker at my work. I suppose it's after the successful London trip last year and also the study trip to Scania which I also planned and booked last September. I love doing this! I would rather go myself of course, but it gives me such pleasure trying to find the best flights, hotels, restaurants and more. But it does take a lot of time to get it as I want to have it.

Like the lunch I have been trying to book for a week. I sent 2 mails asking for a lunch reservations. Since they are 11 going it's not that easy to just walk in and have lunch. That's why I book everything in advance. Anyway I didn't get any replies to my mail so on Thursday I called. I sat for over 10 minutes waiting to be connected. I told what I want 2 times but were forwarded and in the end I only got signals in my ear so after 10 minutes I gave up and hung up. I tried to find other places but it turns out that next week in Copenhagen they have "dining week" which means that most of the restaurants are already fully booked.
By then I was so angry of the non-service that I decided to go to the top. So I contacted the hotel manager by mail and told my story. Within an hour I had a reply by mail with confirmation for lunch and excuses.
Isn't it kind of strange that you have to go to the top to get what you want when it's a service company we're talking about??

The weather this week has been awful! Not as in East USA but similar. We did not have the hurricane winds but we did get some major snow. Just as it had started to look rather good with melting snow we got this. It snowed around 30 cm in a couple of days. And they have "promised" we will get more today and up til Wednesday :-( Where is spring?

Happy Sunday morning :-)
Jonas, Mandy and two of their friends are going to Thailand tomorrow!! So they will, at least, get some warmth and sunshine. Envious? No, I would rather go west to California :-)
Jonas and Mandy are coming over for dinner tonight which is very nice and tomorrow I will drive them to the airport. The plane doesn't leave until the evening so it's OK.

What has H.E.A.T been up to then you might wonder? Well, they have booked some new gig. The first is March 16 in Nyköping so if you're in the region, don't miss out on a great gig!
I so want to go to Barcelona and see them on April 14 and I still hope that is possible but I have to wait and see.


Possible I and my sis Helen are going to New York this autumn but that is still to be decided. She celebrates her 50th birthday as well as her 25th year as dentist with her own practice. I hope this will come true :-) But as I said about Barcelona we have to wait and see.

Well, have a great week everyone and I suppose I will write again next Sunday ;-) if not sooner. Take care out there!

söndag 3 februari 2013

TGIM tomorrow

So it's Sunday again and I feel bad because I haven't written since last Friday.
I always think, every night, that I should write something but then I get so tired I completely forget and fall asleep instead ;-)

Why do I say TGIM you might wonder? Well, because every Monday it's our lunch at work. It's so exciting to find out what that person has done. There are such a big variety of dishes.
And the best thing is that I don't have to do a mealbox to bring on Mondays.
This is my work. Isn't this house wonderful?

My co-workers and also we who cooked

The front of the cookbook taken outside our entrance.
 The photos above is from the latest edition of our cook-book 2012. It was actually I who made it so I'm very proud.

I have to share this photo with you. Some of you may have seen it already on Facebook. I took it yesterday morning just as the sun came up and it was just amazing! Hasse shouted: Take the camera and come up and this is what I ended up with.

What do you think? What you see closest to where I stand is our carport roof.

We have had a couple of days now with very cold weather, clearblue sky and sunshine. But before that the week had rain and up to +7C. It was like you got a sense of spring but then, smack, and we are down to -10C again.

Nothing much happened last week just work and I also had a massage. We have that every second Friday at work but since I not normally work Fridays it's rare that I get it. But since Friday was the 1 of February and I always work the 1st in every month even if it's a Friday I got to have massage and it was devine!

This week Klara (our granddaughter) turns 17! It wasn't long ago she was a baby. They grow so fast don't they?

Next week both Danniel and Bianca have their birthdays :-)

And a week from tomorrow Jonas and Mandy are going to Thailand for 2 weeks!

Take care now and have a great week and I'll write soon again (I hope)