H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 17 februari 2016

Dentist appointment

Last week one of my teeth broke or I think it's a crown that just broke down. Luckily I didn't swallow it but felt it and could take it out.
So I called my dentist who is my sister so tomorrow I will see her and hopefully get it mended.

It's a bad time now with everything going on - meetings, annual meetings, budget meetings and more.
I'm getting real tired also with my stupid leg that won't heal like I want it to.

Otherwise it's nice. We had a couple of weeks with nice weather, that is without snow and you could almost taste spring but then, of course, we got a setback last Thursday. Snow, cold and we still have it. So we have to wait a long time yet for spring.

Other than that nothing much happens (not that I can share here anyway)

Well, I have started watching the last season of American Idol and I must say there are some very good singers this year. It will be interesting to follow them. I liked last week and this when they bring back old Idols to sing duets with this year's Idols. And I love the arena they are at, beautiful.

Looking forward to the Oscar's as well since we have a Swedish actress nominated - Alicia Vikander. She won the SAG award for her role in Danish girl. Well done.

Now I really have to work so I sign out and wish you all a wonderful day wherever you are.

As always - Take care and be nice to one another!

torsdag 11 februari 2016

Toilet trouble

Yesterday when I got home from work Hasse met me in the door telling me we didn't have a WC downstairs. It had broken! No water and we couldn't flush. And you can't have that. It's like having a outhouse inside your house, not very nice.

So I tried calling plumbers last night but of course they had finished for the day. I contacted firms that have WC:s and that offers installation but the earliest they could help us was after 2 weeks. Can't be without it that long.

So this morning I started calling plumbers again and after 7 calls (who didn't have time until next week) I found one not far from us that actually had a great offer. The WC (on the photo) with complete installation for 5 500 SEK (617 USD) and they will come TOMORROW! I'm happy.

Can you believe how important it is with a WC. You just take it for granted when it works.
We do have another toilet upstairs but when I have as much pain as I have right now it's hard to go upstairs and I can't do that 10 days a day or how frequent you go.

And on Sunday it's Valentine's Day. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's and I wish I could be with all my loved ones but it's impossible. 

Take care and be nice to each other 

söndag 7 februari 2016

...and then it was February

I thought the year started in a nice and slow pace but now it's full steam ahead again :-)

February is full of closing the books, auditing, annual meetings, being chairwoman and secretary at annual meetings, birthdays and more. 

Today is actually my father's birthday and his namesday, Ricardo, so I say happy birthday and send it up to heaven.
Friday Klara our grandchild turned 20, next Monday it's Danniel's birthday and the day after my niece Bianca's birthday (currently living in Australia). HAPPY BIRTHDAY to each and everyone of you!

We have had very cold weather, that came from Russia, but now it's nicer, the snow has melted and today in the sun we even have temperatures around 8C. 

It has also been a time with lots of pain. It started in December already with my left leg that hurt. And it has gradually gotten worse. It's now located to my knee which has been really swollen and hurting.
I have tried cycling on my exercise bike but it got worse. I have an appointment with my Dr but not until March 2 because he's on holiday in Mexico.
I have also had very bad pain in my back, right side very high up. No idea what that is and I have never had it before. Is it supposed to be like this when you grow older? Not very nice!
I can't walk like I want to and the best thing is to rest but when I don't move as I usually do I gain weight which I hate!! So right now I'm in a bad spiral.

I do hope this goes away as the weather improves and gets warmer. If you have rheumatism it's bad with cold weather for your joints, as you maybe know.

There is a lot of flu, colds, stomachflu going here too and we have had our share of that too. I hope everyone that has been affected of this is better or beginning to get better.

I wish you all a good Sunday whether it's morning or afternoon or evening where you are.

Take care and be nice to one another.