H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 25 april 2015

Oh, forgot this - Kungstradgarden 7th of June

On June 4 - 7 there is a huge event in Kungstradgarden in Stockholm. It's called "Taste Stockholm" and it is a kind of food festival and with artists as well.

On the final night H.E.A.T is headlining and closing the festival.
Be sure to be there if you can. It will be a blast and as you know they always deliver a supershow live.

I hope to see you there :-)

Torpa on conference

My beautiful birthday boy

We were all invited to Jonas and Mandy for birthday celebration last Saturday. They had invited US,  Mandys mom and dad, her grandmother and her aunt.  From Gävle came  Staffan and Lena and Emil and Danniel too. 
We  had all  chipped in to give him his dream present - a trip to  Rome for him and Mandy.
They are actually leaving tomorrow morning ( I started writing this on Thursday so they are in Rome now) and they have a blast.

I on the other hand went on a conference to Torpa in Sodertalje. A wonderful little boardinghouse from 1870. It's said that the house was given to Oscar II mistress as a gift. Who knows but his portrait hangs in the salon.
Me on the big terrace outside my room overlooking the sea

 I love this place with its interiour from the past, the host who is a young man that took over last year and the wonderful surroundings.
The view and a bit of the terrace

We worked very hard and creative, which is what a surrounding like that makes you do. So yesterday, that is Friday, we were finished earlier than we should and could go home a couple of hours before planned. This was fantastic since it was Friday. I felt very sick though and had a bad ache in my stomach, was extremely tired although I slept like a baby in my beautiful room. So when I drove home I had a very hard time trying to stay awake. When I got home I just went in, talked to Hasse, unpacked a bit and then up to bed. I slept for 3 hours and then I felt a little bit better.
The gorgeous bed in my huge bedroom, actually one of the wedding suites ;-)

In the evening it was the final of Let's Dance which is the Swedish show of Dancing with the stars. We had a singer Marie and a world champion in downhill skiing in the finals. Marie was outstanding! So good and with such a joy. She got perfect scores 90 points in 3 dances. She is the first ever doing that in the 10 years the programme had been on. 
Ingmar Stenmark the skier was very good dancing, all the steps were there but he hadn't the joy or showmanship and frankly was a bit stiff. He did it a bit mechanical if you understand what I mean.
And who won do you think? The perfect dancer with great showmanship or the mechanical dancer with little emotions but a world champion? Yes, the world champion (although it was in the 70s) I don't know if it is a dance competition or what?

Spring has sprung here :-) and we are feeling it both Hasse and I. Lot's of pollen and we have blocked nose, runny nose and sneezes :-)

Today we will take it easy, relax but first, of course, Melodikrysset.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

fredag 17 april 2015

30 years ago.....

Jonas first real good laugh
it was lot of snow and -7 C. The winter had been very long with lots of snow and it was still lot of it on April 17 at 4.30 AM when I woke up of my water breaking. I felt a very warm sensation and then suddenly realized it was time.
Jonas in his right element

We lived just a couple of 100 meters from the hospital so down we went. In to the delivery and then it stopped! From 6AM contractions but nothing really happened so they decided to get me started.

Jonas today
15.27 my wonderful son, Jonas, was born and he has been a joy ever since he came. Today is his 30th birthday and I wish him all the good in the world. I hope he and his band get the world wide recognition they so well deserve. I hope he will continue to be happy with his Mandy and maybe in due time make me a grandmother :-)

Love you Jonas

Since I last wrote my dear husband has also celebrated his birthday but since it's not a even number we didn't have a big party. Still he was very congratulated and we had both children and grandchildren over and we actually celebrated him for three days ;-)
My beloved husband

We also had a very nice dinner at our good friend's house in Märsta. We had such good food, but then we always have that when we visit them. We also really went down memory lane looking in old photo albums. We go back over 30 years and has experienced a lot during these years. 

Gorgeous dinner table
Hasse and Kitte
I'm working a lot with the Hagaparksdagen and I really hope you all keep your fingers crossed and talk to the weather God that we will have good weather on the day.

I hope you all will have a good weekend :-)

lördag 4 april 2015

New month,Easter Eve, Berlin and more

Wonderful trip to Berlin with my work. We left on March 20, the day of the solar eclipse.
Great trip down with plus tickets which meant that some of us had 3 breakfasts that morning - at home, in the lounge and on the plane :-)
The Reichtags
Transfer worked perfectly with a bus, to our hotel, that I booked from Sweden. We didn't get our rooms so we went out on town before heading to the Reichtags for lunch at the top roof restaurant Käfer. That lunch was the best we had in Berlin! Super good and gorgeous views. 
The Dome on the Reichtags, if you look closely you will see me.
The Dome
Hard security check, of course, before we could head up. I had to give all our names and data long before we arrived. Probably so they could check us out.
The view from my balcony
Brandenburger Tor
The TV-tower
On Unter den Linden

After a wonderful lunch we headed out on town again. To Brandenburger Tor, Tiergarten, Unter den Linden and then I headed home totally exhausted but the other continued.
At the hotel I had to make sure everyone had a smooth and fast check-in (which they had when they got back) I wanted a list of our room numbers so I could go if needed for any reason.

We had booked in advance in the hotel restaurant, Tapas bar, because we just wanted something light after the 3-course lunch. It was a lot of food. I didn't remember ordering any of it but I had.
It was OK but not very good.
The new church at Kaiser Wilhelm kirche

Since we had level rooms we had access to the level lounge which turned out to be great. It was our meeting point morning or evening. We had breakfast there. All day long you could have coffe or tea or a soda. At 3 PM it was afternoon tea and at 6PM it was evening buffet and drinks.

Jonny Depp
MJ the one and only
The day after we went on a cruise on the river Spree. Wonderful but a grey and windy day. You get to see a lot in 3 hours. We also had lunch on board. 
After that I went home to the hotel and the others had a architect guided tour for 3 hours.
And then concert at the Berliner Philharmonic. So a quite exhausting day. I with 2 others didn't attend the concert but went to Brechts which is a restaurant by the river Spree. Wonderful food, I had wienerschnitzel, and nice enviroment where we even had piano music during dinner. And even a Swedish speaking waitress :-)

Me at Mme Tussauds
Next day we had different programmes and I and two others went to the TV-tower but when realizing it was 45 minutes wait to buy tickets we took the S-bahn to the Zoo instead and went to the Kaiser Wilhelm kirche that was bombed during WWII but still stands with the bell tower. Then Kurfürstendamm and walking. Back to the hotel and dinner at Hackescher Höfe.

Last day I actually went to Mme Tussauds in Berlin. Very nice but very different from the one in London. We flew back at night and I took the day off Tuesday.

On Wednesday work as usual and in the evening first meeting with volunteers for the Hagaday.
We made sandwiches for them and in total we were 40 people. It's getting nearer and is only 1 1/2 month away now.

Next day statutory meeting with the new elected board.

Friday I went for foot care which was needed. The rest of the day and Saturday I took it easy.

On Sunday I cooked for work - Taco gratin with salat, guacomole, different types of nachips and tubs.
For dessert a cocotoscachocolatecake.

This Monday I went to the allergy doctor about my reaction to the medication I had a month ago. They also tested me for wasps and bees. Apparantly bees are OK and wasp I get toxic reaction to.
I will also go back and they will try out a new medicine for me. It's for my inflammations and they will need to have me there for a day. They will give me the medicine and then measure and watch what happens. They will check BP, pulse, heart and also if I get rash or get swollen.

Wednesday my shot with Mekobalamin.
My plate
Some of the Easter food

My family, love them

Yesterday I made food for today. I made a salmoncheesecake which was very good. First time I made it. Then I had a hot smoked salmon with potatoes and a cold green sauce, of course Swedish meatballs, herring, salat and asparagus omelette. For dessert just fresh strawberries cut in pieces together with apple. Yummie-cookies to the coffe and then we were full :-)

HAPPY EASTER to everyone!