H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 27 mars 2014

Annual meeting and lunch with friends

 My friends Ingvor and Annika (also members of the Rheumatic board, Annika as chairwoman)

 Yesterday we, that is the Rheumatic association in Stockholm, had our annual meeting and I'm happy to report it all went well. I was re-elected treasurer for 2 years so I have obviously done something right ;-)

Today we had lunch, that is the former working committe since one member will be be continue in the committee. We had a lovely lunch with lots of good food, chat and even some laughter.Tomorrow I'm going to take blood tests and also have my usual shot :-)

Here are some photos from my work. My wonderful computer and myself with lots of covers.

      My computer :-)                Me                                     I have to share this with you. H.E.A.T is going on a European tour with their new album Tearing down the walls. These are dates so far but there will be more.

I leave you with those great news. Have a wonderful weekend. Not long now. Counting down only 12 days left before I go :-)

Take care and be kind to one another!

tisdag 25 mars 2014

Weight issues

As you know I'm not the slimmest person in the world ;-)And soon I'm going on a long trip by plane to LA.
So I started a very strict diet in January in which I just ate 1300 calories a day, lots of vegetables and good stuff. I usually don't eat that much vegetables because many of them make me sick. Anyway I have been on this diet for 11 weeks, very strict. I have written down everything I eat so I wouldn't cheat and think I ate less than I did. A very strict routine.
So how much have I lost during these 11 weeks? Take a guess. You can never guess I think.

Well I will tell you - 1 kilo!!!! 1 kilo what is that? Nothing at all! What's worse is that I got totally constipated and felt awful. I think it's because of all the vegetables but I don't know. So now I don't give a damn! I go back to what I usually eat and what I feel good eating. I don't eat very much and people often comment on that. How can I look the way I do when I don't eat more. My doctor, yes I have talked to him about this, says it sounds a bit like Cushings syndrome. I don't want no more syndromes! I have enough with the ones I already have, thank you. I will have a check-up with blood tests and other stuff and then meet my doctor again next week so I get all the medicine I need and he will clear me that I'm good to travel :-)

I usually don't feel bad about my body and how I look because I know it's not my doing. I mean it's not that I have eaten me to this. It's just my different diseases, medicine and lack of exercise (due to pain) that has made me like this. But the only time I feel really sad is when on planes! Because of my big stomach it's very hard and I often have to ask for extensions to the belt. The table in front won't go down so very hard to eat. But that is also why I always travel in business class. From Stockholm to London it's not that different just that you have an empty seat beside you. But from London to Los Angeles is totally different. You have like your own compartment and there is plenty of room to your table and you are also able to lie down and take a nap (if you are able to).

I know that most people struggle with weight issues from time to time but when you see someone weighing in at 56 kg saying they are fat, I get angry! What message does it send to young girls (and especially if they have daughters).

Enough of this moaning but sometimes you just have to vent, I'm sorry.
Tomorrow is our annual meeting with the Rheumatic association district and I have a lot of tasks. I have to show the budget and the annual economic status. Then I also have to propose the fees for the board which then will be subject for decision of the members. There will also be election of the new board. I'm up again for treasurer (which I have been and still are)and also as delegate for the Swedish Rheumatic association assembly. We will see what happens.

The day after the working committe are having lunch at our chairwoman's house. Saturday I will go to the Royal Opera and see Don Giovanni. That should be fun. Sadly it's the last opera of the season :-( But we will go again as soon as the new season starts in September :-)

The sun is shining here and despite a cold night I think it will be nice during the day, maybe up to +5-6 C. How about that? Now I really need to work. I hope you will have a great day. Today is the Waffle day here and I will treat my co-workers to waffles as a dessert after lunch.Take care and talk to you soon.

lördag 22 mars 2014

Springtime :-)

Do you remember the photos I put here two days ago? Well this is how it looks today!

And we have +10C at 10 AM, which is right now.

I just wanted to show you how quick things change here. From snow storm to spring weather in 2 days. I do hope this weather will stay now but you never know. It's very usual for us to have snow on April 30 which is the day we light fires here in Sweden and celebrate spring. In my lifetime I have even experienced the joy (?) of having snow on Midsummer's Eve! Yes, it's true, one day we bathed in the sea, the next day it was snowing.

Otherwise I have been a good girl, staying home taking care of my cold. It is better but it's not completely gone. I went to the grocery store yesterday and when I got home I was completely exhausted. So maybe it will take some time to regain strength after this but I still have 2 1/2 weeks before I go.

Wow, 2 1/2 weeks! It's not long now and I'm really looking forward to meeting all again. It has been too long - 3 years since I last visited.

Not much more to say today. Taking it easy this weekend because next week will be crazy ;-)

Take care and I hope you all have a great weekend.

onsdag 19 mars 2014

And now it's really winter!

Can you believe this?

This is probably the most snow we have had all season!! It's just pouring down and I don't like it at all :-(
And tomorrow it's spring equinox who would believe that? 

And my cold isn't any better but on the positive side is that I get to stay inside and home and I don't have to go out in this weather :-)
Yes, I am staying home from work and hopefully I will be fully recovered by Monday. I need to be and stay healthy because it's not long now before going to LA :-) 

Today it's Tristan's birthday and he turns 16! I can't believe it. When I first saw he was a little boy who greated me in the warmest way. I fell for him at once and he's such a smart and clever boy. And now he's a young man. I do hope I will meet him when I visit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY T! 

To all of you reading this - take care and I hope you're having a better weather.

I leave you with a video with two members (Eric and Erik) of H.E.A.T who were out promoting H.E.A.T's new album in Berlin (Paris, London and Madrid)


måndag 17 mars 2014

Cold and snow

Yes I have a terrible cold and it is cold as well outside. This morning I woke up to winter! When I went to bed last night it was raining and then in the morning the world was white.
I woke up very early, at 4AM, and since I have a cold I couldn't go back to sleep so just as well I went up and made myself ready for work.
Despite the weather I was at work by 05.50AM and started working at once.
Sneezing and with dripping nose, not a pretty sight ;-) I worked on in my room.

I have to blame but myself. I started feeling bad on Thursday but since the weather was so wonderful then with sunshine and mild temperatures I just thought it was my allergy kicking in.

Saturday I went to Karlstad, something that I had planned a long time ago.
My friend Anna is singing in the opera L'Orfeo by Monteverdi there and I and my opera friend had decided to go and see the opera.

My opera friend's Mom lives in Karlstad so she went up on Friday and stayed with her. I stayed at the Elite hotel by the river in the "Sven-Ingvars" suite.
Sven-Ingvars is a very wellknown band here in Sweden and they origin from Karlstad/Varmland.
Maybe you saw some photos on Facebook from the room? Otherwise you can see some here.
 View from the balcony
 The bedroom
 The living room
"Selfie" :-)

After Carina and I had dinner we just crossed the bridge you see in the first photo. The white building on the other side is the Opera house. It's such a beautiful opera house! It was my first time there but I'm sure it won't be the last.
Me and Anna before the wig went off

The opera L'Orfeo was amazing! It's said to be the first ever opera. Written in 1500-something by Monteverdi telling the story of Orfeo and Eurydike and their love. My friend Anna sang the role of La Musica. Normally this is sung by one person but here they were two, both from the popmusic world.
But how she sang! I have never heard her sing like that. 
She and Jonas went to Rytmus high school together and she was often with us both here at home but also in Gotland. She was like our extra child. And she has grown up to a wonderful woman.

After the opera we went back stage but Carina had to go back to her Mom while I went with Anna to the back of the opera. First up to the wig department to take off her wig. Then to her dressing room, a big one, for her to undress. Afterwords the whole ensemble, including me, went to a restaurant for food, drinks, chat and a lot of laughter. What wonderful people. I can truly understand Anna enjoys it so much there.
 Anna and some of the other operasingers

Me and one of the other operasingers, a wonderful soprano

Now I really have to go to bed and hopefully get cured soon. I hate having a cold. Take care and I hope you're all feeling well and no cold in sight.

måndag 10 mars 2014

H.E.A.T. Beg Beg Beg - Downton Madrid 07-03-2014 Palacio Vistalegre

This is just so great. I so wish I could have been there. They did a great job and I just love their energy on stage and the way they get the audience with them.

Opening for Scorpions in front of 15 000 people is a great deal. Next time I hope they will be the headline :-)


H.E.A.T in Madrid Saturday March 7

Here's a video from Saturday when H.E.A.T played in Madrid in front of 15 000 people.

fredag 7 mars 2014

Friends, show, H.E.A.T and more...

It has been a while since I wrote and now it's a new month and all - March! Can you believe how fast January and February passed?
Here in Sweden they say we have spring now, that is meteorological spring. That is when the temp. is above 0 C day and night. And it is but it's still not warm. Today for instance it's a very strong wind and it feels really cold. We did have one day with sunshine this week and how we treasure that :-)

Last weekend we had our good friends K and J over for dinner. Very nice but I totally forgot to take photos. We had so much to talk about ;-) But I had made an asparagus soap with bread to start. Then ovencooked salmon with a lot of good stuff on top. To that I served homemade lemon aioli, potatoes and salat. 
And for dessert I made a pecan/walnut fudgepie. After that we were completely full. A nice evening with good food and good friends.

Sunday I cooked all day, again, but this time for work. Yes, it was my time to have Monday lunch and I made a favorite "rerun". I first made the dish in 2010 and it was a hit and was the first one I "won" with.
 And since it was the time of the year when we eat "semlor" I baked those and filled them with my own almond paste. Very appreciated but you can't eat more than one of those. They are usually very sweet but I did make them less sweet.

I also had the last meeting with the auditors (at least this year) and this time it was the Rheumatic association. Everything was in order, of course, and I trust our members will grant us discharge during the annual meeting.

Yesterday I was invited to a VIP-event onboard Silja lines ship Silja Serenade. She has been updated and rebuilt especially when it comes to shopping. They now call it "The shopping mall of the Baltic Sea". We first had a glass of champagne upon arrival (not me though since I was driving). Then the CEO described the work that had been done and we were welcomed onboard. We then was treated to a delicious lunch in the redecorated Grand Buffet. After that we could go to any shop onboard and buy whatever we wanted except for alcohol, cigarettes which we can't take ashore since we hadn't been out of the country. We bought some small things but me and my friend was more interested in the Commodore-class cabins. Hasse and I are going on such a luxury cruise in May. The cabins (that are more like suites) were so nice. Really good transformation.
This cabin has the themes sea and sand. On the photo above you of course see a cabin with sea theme.
When we left the ship we received a goodie bag which contained the following:
Very nice - a free cruise, prosecco, chocolate and perfume :-)

After that it was time to head to the Rheumatic district and a boardmeeting before we all took off to Hamburger Bors which is a show restaurant in Stockholm. This was to say thanks to the year that has passed because on the annual meeting a new board will be elected and some of the members will not be elected again.

After we had eaten Jill Johnsson started her show. She sings a lot of country and the show was really, really good!

Today I have been to the doctor to get my regular shot :-) So now I'm good for 3 weeks again.

The weekend will be quite nice. Nothing planned so we can take it easy. It's the final of the Swedish Eurovision so I will probably watch that and tonight it's the Swedish Dancing with the stars.

Ah, I almost forgot. H.E.A.T is in Madrid right now and will be support for Scorpions in a sold out arena with 20 000!! That is really great. Eric and Erik have been promoting their new album, "Tearing down the walls", in Berlin, Paris, London and Madrid this last week.

I hope you all have a really good weekend.