H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 16 november 2015

Just to let you know I'm still here

but I am more or less going into hibernation this time of the year

 I did have a board meeting last week with the Rheumatic association and I did go to the Hamburger Börs to watch the show Alcazar. That was my birthday gift from my sister Helen.

My beautiful sister Helen
This was the day after the horrible events in Paris. I didn't really felt like going to a show, having fun, dancing after that but then I thought why should they (terrorists) detstroy everything. That is just what they want. They want us to be scared and frightened to go out to restaurants, clubs, shows etc so if we stay inside afraid we do exactly what they want us to do. So we went! 
The Globe and Kaknastornet in Stockholm in the French flag color

Of course before the show the artists too mentioned the horrible things and said the world is evil but we have to fight it with love and that is what we did.



The show is with Alcazar, as I said earlier, a disco group that breathe, eat and live disco. And since I was young during that era I love it! 

Lina Hedlund on our table
Yesterday was a very lazy Sunday and I even watched an old movie on TV. And I can tell you, knock on wood, that my cold is much better!

And yes I almost forgot. Jonas is in Buenos Aires! doing a gig with Martina Edoff. I mean Argentina. What an experience! Sadly enough Lufthansa went on strike the day they were going so they had to rebook to American airlines which meant 30 hours of traveling before reaching BA. I hope he has a great time there and maybe even learns how to dance the tango.