H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 24 maj 2015

What a day - Eurovision win for Sweden and a wonderful Hagapark Day

Måns Zelmerlöw won the Eurovision for Sweden yesterday in Vienna. I was too tired to sit up and watch it. After Måns had sang I fell asleep and got the news at 4AM. I have now seen it in rerun and it was just as exciting although I knew the outcome.

Before that we had our much anticipated Hagapark Day. They started with me waking up at 3 by the sound of heavy rain! Oh no, was my first thought. But by the time I left for the Hagapark at 05.30AM it was sunny. Suppliers were already in place and had started working. During the first 2 hours I had to run from one end to the other to show everyone where everything were supposed to be, how to place all the furnitures, how to place the stage, the artisttent, the toilets etc etc. 
At 8 AM some others came to help out while I furnitured the artist tent, took care of the catering showing them where the food and cake were supposed to go. We had cakes for 625 people (that was including artists and volunteers). 
In the artist tent
And more from the tent

The artists came in time at 10AM for soundcheck and everything went smooth. They were very happy with the tent they had access to. All artists that have children brought the whole family along, children, husbands, dogs, babies so a really family day. 

The first artist was the Choralena choir where one of my co-workers sing. A great performance! Then it was time for Victoria Tocca, an old friend, who is a gorgeous musical/classical/crossover singer with a warm wonderful voice. During her performance the skies went grey and then black. Soon it started to rain and then - hale storm!! She, as the professional she is, remained on the stage singing while all spectators raced for cover.
Viktoria singing in the rain


Then it was time for Erik and Jona. Some great acustic H.E.A.T songs. Very popular among the spectators.
Erik and Jona

After that Peter and Matilda, also friends since a long time. He is an excellent Queen interpretor (but can sing and play almost everything). She is his cousin and they often perform together. She has played a lot of musicals and is classically trained but sings everything from opera to Queen.
Peter and Matilda

There were H.E.A.T fans, Viktoria-fans as well as Peter and Matilda fans in place.

During the second set Erik and Jona called Peter and Matilda to the stage and they did this amazing version of The show must go on (click on this link to listen)
I just love when people are so talanted.

The last 2 hours we actually got some sun but since the day began so bad the crowd didn't got out. But we gave away 500 cake slices and coffe and we think there were around 500 more. Not at the same time but during the day.

We also had the Stockolm choir consisting of people with rhematic diagnoses. They finished off the day by us all singing "Together" which is our own song.
Little Rabbit - the symbol of the Rheumatic association gave balloons to the children

Jona - my son

Erik Grönwall and me

Hasse helped and was parking chef


Erik trying the paraffin bath which is good for your joints

After being organiser on the day, walking over 10km (according to my step counter) taking care of all suppliers from stage to toilets, being on my feet, sitting down at most 15 minutes, didn't have time to eat and didn't drink nearly enough. I was totally out with pain in the evening. I could hardly walk up the stairs into bed
I woke up with such pain at 4AM, took some painkillers, went back to bed and happily enough succeded to get some sleep.
I'm still tired and I don't do much today but chilling.

Tomorrow is a new working day. On Wednesday me and Hasse goes on a luxury cruise to Helsinki and when I come back it's the annual meeting with the Rheumatic association (Friday to Sunday)
And on Sunday it's Mother's Day here in Sweden.

Take care and be careful!