H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 22 maj 2015

Tomorrow is the big day - Hagapark Day

This last week has been filled with last preparations for the Hagapark Day which will culminate tomorrow.

But the week started very bad :-( On Monday I woke up and couldn't walk!! Yes, litteraly. I had so much pain in my pelvis that I couldn't lift my feet and make them walk. But of course I did went to work and held in everything I could get hold on to get some support. But at last they sent me home. I had a bit of panic. I had to be able to walk tomorrow! So I took a big dose of cortisone and booked an appointment with my doctor the next morning. And yes I did stay home from work on Tuesday.

The doctor prescribed strong double painkillers, continue the cortisone but then reduce it gradually. Of course it was inflammation - again!
So on Wednesday I was able to walk much better and yesterday, thank God, I could walk a lot.

We had a run through with all suppliers from stages to tents to furniture and also sponsors.
Then in late afternoon we had a information meeting with the volunteers. I informed them about everything from catering to candy to brochures and what we expect to get help with. Everything went well so now all we pray and wish for is that the weather will be with us. But we are in Sweden and you can never rely on the weather here.
Me pointing out where the tents will be

I wish I did this in California instead. Then you would be sure to have nice weather!

For you near Stockholm tomorrow I bid you a very warm welcome to join us in all festivities.
Maybe do the walking quiz and have a chance to win great prices among then cruises with Viking line. The kids have their own walking quiz also with great prices.

We treat the 500 first to coffee and cake. We have try-on activities like Qigong, dance and sitting down gymnastics. We have great artists among them Erik and Jona from H.E.A.T, Peter Johansson known Queen interpreter, his cousin Matilda Grün fantastic musical- and popsinger, Viktoria Tocca fd Krantz a wonderful classical soprano who also sings contemporary and has sang in many musicals like Christine in Phantom of the Opera.

I'm so sad that my family in USA is so far away and can't participate. It would have been so fun to be able to gather you all here. Love you!

But as I said in the beginning - you who are close here - bring a picknic, a blanket or a chair, your family and have a fun day outdoors in the Hagapark.