H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 3 maj 2015

May already...

A new month and a big month for me, but first what happend the last days of April.
What happened? Not much but I did go to Norrtalje to meet my friend Anne for treatments and lunch but this time I also brought my friend Ingvor with me. They are my "sisters" and they met at my birthday party last year and clicked :-) Neither of them have sisters so they wanted us to be sisters :-)
My "sisters" doing a test

We had a lovely day together with chat, treatment, lunch and we also posted the posters for the Hagaparkday in Norrtälje. Good day.

Then on Thursday we had Walpurgis night, you know when we great spring and light big fires to scare the winter away. Hasse and I stayed home instead of going out and freeze. We had a lovely dinner and enjoyed the warmth in our house instead ;-)

Yesterday we went to Gavle for Tuva, our greatgranddaughter's Christening. She was named Tuva, My. It was so nice to meet everyone. This time Jonas had the possibility to attend which was very nice. After church it was reception in the Church house and we were treated with sandwichcakes, very good, and a lot of cookies :-) A very nice time among the 50 closest :-) We are gradually becoming a very big family.
Malin (our granddaughter) Alexander (her man) and little Tuva. Beautiful family

Alexander's brother, Alex with Tuva, Malin, Lisa and Klara, parents and godparents
Jonas and Linnea, uncle and niece
Tuva baptized and presented by the priest to the congregation
Speaking of which I joined a genealogy site and wrote my name. Then I saw someone had put my grandfather's name (Mom's Dad) on his tree so I wrote and told him that was my grandfather and asked if we were relatives. He said his wife was my second cousin. When I followed my line on my mother's side and her mother and so on I found myself being related with both Bordon, noble family no 522 (in Sweden) and Sinclair or S:t Clair (no 444) and they have been able to trace our line down to Wilhelm I of England, the conqueror in the 11th century. This is so fascinating to be able to see exactly how we are connected because on this site I can take a name and ask if I am connected and if I am I get the result exactly how.
My tree is very wide and broad and the side where I have come the longest is on my mother's side.
I got hits also on Jo, Marvin and the others in USA stating my relation to them which is so interesting. Who knows all these facts? I wonder, but I'm glad it exists because I find it more interesting the older I get to know my roots and my heritage.
The clan in Scotland (that originate from France) which I'm related to, the Sinclair's, have reunions every 5 year and has one this year. It would have been so interesting to go there and meet them.
I have never been to Scotland but always had a desire to go.

Also on Thursday we have the 10-year jubilee at my job so a lot to do with that. Emil turns 28 on Saturday and I'm hard at everything with the Hagapark Day.

Have a good Sunday and week everyone and take care!