H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 23 januari 2015

Pep talk and meeting

Another week is almost over and this is the weather we currently have. It snowed for almost 24 hours and now the temperature is dropping, just now -7C. So it's very fresh and cold ;-)

I had been invited to a meeting, with the leaders of the Stockholm association, and yesterday it was time. They wanted me to have a "pep talk". That was just to inspire them for future tasks.

I am the one standing up laughing away :-) The room was actually full and it was very inspiring talking to them. I'm not that fond of speaking in front of lot of people, who are? But I do it and it gets easier the older I get. Anyway I started by telling them about the Postcode lottery, how I won, what I won, how I ended up in TV and in our magazine. That was actually something they had asked me to talk about. They were really interested, they laughed and they did have a lot of questions.

Then I talked about the event we are having May 23 in Haga park in celebration of the National Rheumatic association 70th birthday.
They were very interested and came with good points and ideas which I wrote down and will take to the next meeting in the planning committé.
We have had, which I made, an ad in our local magazine as well as me writing a couple of articles about the artists that will be performing. I send you a link to our homepage where you can read the magazine online. It's in Swedish I know but maybe google translate can help :-)


Today they had put the following on Facebook: 

"Mia Thegel from the District Board visited us at our leadership meeting in rheumatism association and was so fun and cunning as a stand up comedian."

That was really a good review I think.

After that I had a couple of hours before we had our district board meeting which ended around 7PM.  It was a good and productive day although I was completely fatigue when I came home.

Jonas and Mandy came home from Thailand yesterday and next week H.E.A.T are already going on tour. This time in Sweden and Finland. I might be able to go on Febrauary 5 when they will play in Stockholm.

If you are here then, take a chance and go and see them. Gota kallare at Medborgarplatsen is the place to be.
Oh yes I finished the closing of the books at my work this week so on Monday already we have the yearly audit when our auditor comes.