H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 30 juni 2015

Peter Johansson, Erik Grönwall, Matilda Grün, Jona Tee

So good I have to give it to you again :-) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

onsdag 17 juni 2015

Midsummer Eve, Gotland and holiday

I have been totally exhausted since May 23 . There have been so much going on since then that I hardly have had time to breath. And when I'm home I have slept instead of writing here.

What has happened then?

1. Hasse and I went on a luxurious cruise to Helsinki including the musical Saturday night fever on board and, of course, a Commodore (suite) cabin :-)

2. Directly from the cruise to the Annual meeting with the Rheumatic association with delegates from all over Sweden. Great meeting and a very interesting lecture on Friday night by Claes Schmidt/Sara Lund and yes it's the same person.

3. Directly from that meeting to the hospital where I spent a day at the allergy clinic testing out a medication that I can use when I have inflammation. I had a bad allergy reaction from the medication I had before and I really need an antiinflammatory/painkiller when it's at its worst. So they tried different strengths and finally I can say I now have something to take :-)

4. Berlin evening at my work. We all gathered after work for a nice dinner, watching all the photos from the Berlin trip and saying: Do you remember? and laughing. It's a very nice way to sum up a trip.

5. My usual B12 shot and my hairstylist for new color and new hairdo.

6. On Sandy's birthday Bianca, my niece, graduated so I attended the reception and helped my sister with food and cakes and drinks. That is put it out and saw that it was food all the time

7. The Swedish National Day with the obligatory celebration at Skansen with the Royal family

8. The day after H.E.A.T played in Kungstradgården and since it was Hasse's and my 30th anniversary the day after I surprised him by booking a room at the best hotel we have in Sweden. The 5 star Grand hotel where we were upgraded to a De Luxe room overlooking the Royal castle.
By the way this was the hotel where some of the Royalties stayed during the Royal wedding among them the English prince couple.

9.Day off from work on the actual anniversary day which we started with a wonderful, long breakfast.

10. Next day work and then the podiatrist for foot care.

11. Me and my friend went to this amazing 1700th centuary castle with that also has a newly built conference facility close to it. Gorgeous surroundings just by lake Mälaren, beautiful garden, good food and we were lucky to be there on one of the rare sunny days.

12. Next day off to Gävle where our youngest grandchild Klara graduated. Emil and Jonas joined in which was great and many were very happy to see them.

13. Next day I went to see Mandy (Jonas sambo) and we had a nice time together and I told about how to get a business started.

14. And this Sunday I made food for my co-workers. They were treated with cold salmon slowly coolking off in white wine. To that grilled carotts and asparagus, a dillsauce and a sallad. For dessert a midsummer cake with whipped cream and strawberries.

15. Yesterday Lisa, one of our grandchildren, turned 26.

16. And tomorrow we are off to Gotland to celebrate Midsummer but also stay for 10 days on holiday. This year both Danniel and Emil is coming with us :-) Jonas couldn't come since he's in Belgium playing a festival.

That's about it :-) I wish you all a Happy Midsummer's Eve