H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 11 november 2014

Work, work, work and a bit of pleasure :-)

The living room with work- and relax area
Me and my collegues hard at work

This weekend me and my 3 collegues in the working committé at the Rheumatic association had a conference at the Elite Marina Tower hotel here in Stockholm.

We decided that time is never enough to do what we need to do which, at this instant, was to plan 2015 and furthermore make a 5-year plan.
Another collegue joined us for a couple of hours to help out
We had booked a suite with connecting bedrooms which turned out to be great (and cheaper than if we would have rented a conference room instead). Now we had a big "living room" with a working area with table, flipboard, pens and so on. This meant we could be very effective and we just left to have dinner, breakfast and lunch. Otherwise we stayed in the suite. Then at night we could hang in the sofa area of the room, tired and just laying there before going to bed. 
We got so much done! And we did all, and a bit more, than we had planned for.

My friend Ingvor at dinner, the chef's in the background
Tired and relaxed after a hard days work

Sunday we left at around 11.30AM. It was Father's Day here in Sweden and all the boys were to come for dinner. So away I went and on my way home I bought all the things needed for dinner.
It was so nice to have them all home again. Nowadays it's rare that they can come at the same time :-)

Father and sons
I made fillet of beef and pork, potatoe gratin with Wasterbotten cheese on top, sauce bearnaise and sallat. Very nice if I may say so myself. For dessert we had a blue (!) cake and coffee.
Jonas playing for Daddy

Jonas played the piano for Hasse just because Hasse wanted him to. So, so nice. We also got to hear a few demos of new songs they are working on.
H.E.A.T poster
 In just 2 weeks H.E.A.T will be out on the road again touring Europe. They won't be back until December 20, just in time for Christmas.
Birgit Biddder

 Tomorrow I'm going on one of my birthday presents namely a concert with Birgit Bidder at Sodra teatern (South theatre). Birgit aka Anna has composed the music, hired the theatre, sings, plays and have an orchestra on stage, all this by herself. I'm so looking forward to this. It was her gift to me :-) Helen is coming with me.

That's it for me now. Take care and be kind to one another!