H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 16 augusti 2014

Cruise to Åbo (Turku) with the boys

View from our suite. Gorgeous!

Last weekend I didn't do much. No exciting outings or anything, just hanging around the house.

On Tuesday I went to a friend for dinner. She has her birthday on Sunday so me and our other friend met up at her house to celebrate her. Very nice and a very good dinner.
Father and son

Mother and son
Then on Thursday I first went to Norrtalje for some treatment, chat and lunch with my very good friend Anne. She is so good in reflexology and that helps me a lot. We had a wonderful lunch at the Åtellet in Norrtälje before I headed back home.

At home the boys, Danniel, Emil and Hasse waited for me because we were going on a cruise to Åbo in Finland which we treated Danniel and Emil to. Hasse and me had one of those luxurious suites with big balcony and the boys had a A cabin with window very close to our suite. Why wasn't Jonas with us you may ask? Well, he was in Gothenburg with H.E.A.T playing at the Gothenburg culture festival.
H.E.A.T and crowd at Gothenburg culture festival
We had an excellent dinner before heading down to taxfree shopping and some gambling on the machines :-) Listened to some music but not much action on board since it was a Thursday. But we had a good time before going to bed.
Enjoying the sunshine on our balcony

We also like it
The next morning when in Turku (the ship is just there for 1 1/2 hour so no time to go ashore) we had breakfast before going to our suite and the balcony where we sat in the beautiful weather just enjoying the sun and the sea. Danniel and Emil went down to gamble and to shop some more. Me too and suddenly it was time for lunch which we had at Bistro Alex. 
We had so nice waitresses both in the evening but also to lunch. She talked a lot to us and told us about her being on big cruise ships around the world. Very interesting and very nice.
Furusund Inn on the way in to Stockholm

Do you see the rainbow going down in the water?

Today I have been, together with Ingvor, looking for smart 4K TV sets for the Rheumatic district. We want to have two of them to be able to have lectures and education in an easy tecnical way.
Next week we are presenting this to the working committee.

And tomorrow it's time for me to cook for my work. I have figured out what to do but I won't tell you until afterwards. You never know if someone is reading this ;-)

So have a good weekend and week everyone and take care!
Carpe diem!