H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 23 juli 2014

Mother-Son Day with Jonas

Me and Jonas on the ferry
Did we have a wonderful day? Yes we did. Was it hot? YES, it was and still is! We still have, at 10.30PM 24C!!! It's gonna be hard sleeping again.
The eating started :-)

The day started out with a quick rise of temperature so when we left Väsby for unknown territory it was well around 29C. 

Gorgeous soup, västerbottenpie and omelette

Me and Jonas by the table. Look at the view outside!

The toilets are supernice and very beautiful like this basin in marble

I had booked a table for lunch at Artipelag at Värmdö. If you have read my blog before you know I have been there and love the place. It's a artcenter but not only that because the house is huge and have both exhibitions inside as well as outside. The place was built by the inventor of Baby Björn (you know the one you carry your babies in). He personally invested money in this and everything is built so it suits children, grownups, disabled and elderly. He thought of everything. It's situated by Baggensfjärden and there is a way from the sea up to house which is built so you can go there even if you are in a wheelchair or have trouble walking.
Doesn't he look like a real rockstar? ;-)
When we arrived the temp. had risen to 32C and we asked to be seated inside where they had AC :-)
It was too hot to sit outside. No wind from the sea, no nothing just plain hot.
But the food which consisted of a "skärgårdsbord" is kind of a smorgasbord but with more seafood.
It was delicious and so much. Both Jonas and I were very contect after a couple of hours and went for a walk down to the sea. Beautiful!
Waiting for the ferry. In the background you can see Oscar Fredriksborgs fortress which is the only way to go to Stockholm by ship.

After that I had planned that we should go to a sea bathe but when we got there it was crowded and we decided we didn't want to go down. So we continued to Djurönäset which is a hotel and conference center. Also beautifully located  by the sea. Then on to Stavsnäs pier which was a nice little archipelago village. Värmdö is a big island in the archipelago.
Vaxholm citadel
Then we decided to go another way home with ferries. So we drove to the quay where we took the car ferry (free) to Rindö and then drove across to take the next ferry to Vaxholm. We made it on board just in time before the ferry left. Those ferries were the only times where we actually could feel a kind of breeze. Days like this you really should be at sea! 

Thank you for a wonderful day Jonas - I love you!

Tomorrow I'm off to Sankt Anna archipelago to go to a concert with Peter and Matilda. It's me and my friend Ingvor. We are staying at a hotel at Stegeborg. I have no idea how that will go because it's said to be even warmer tomorrow!! 

As always take care and be kind to each other. Sov gott!