H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 22 juli 2014

Mother-son day with my oldest

Me and Danniel outside the castle. It's not the house behind us which is a wing)
Yesterday I had my mother-son day with Danniel who is my oldest. I try to go to interesting places and often two different during the day. I don't tell them in advance. It's funnier that way :-)
The big pool (we didn't bath since we had no bathing clothes) which was the first outdoor pool in Sweden built in the 30's

Beautiful ceiling in the dining room. There was a castle here already during the Vikings in the 900

Danniel and I went to Häringe castle which is on the way to Nynäshamn. We have passed there so many times during our trips to Gotland but never actually went in there. So now it was time.
The weather was superb or rather very hot. But my car has AC so it's OK driving, but when you get out that's a different matter.
I had booked for lunch and they showed us the terrace. But with temp. over 100F we couldn't possibly sit there so we asked to be seated inside and we were. Actually we were the only ones inside :-) But it was so nice and cool so we really did a good choice. Beside that it was a banquet hall with a wonderful ceiling (see photo)
After lunch which was good we went on a sightseeing of the castle.
I'm sorry for the bad quality of some of the photos.
Beautiful open fire place

Big salon where they usually serve afternoon tea

Another beautiful open fire place in the big salon

Pool table in one of the rooms

Another beautiful ceiling
 After the tour around the castle - we even went down to the wine cellar and the dungeon - we continued our trip and now we headed to a meat shop where they have meat, or meat from animals that comes from selected farms. The animals have been out and not breeded in some barn and fed with pills. They eat grass and are naturally breeded which makes the meat tast so much better. 
They also have eggs from hens living like they used to, outside, happy as only hens can be ;-)
Sanda hönseri

After shopping a lot (!) we went back home to Danniel for some coffee and freshed baked cinnamon buns. Danniel had made them the day before. We had a very nice time on his newly fitted balcony. They have installed glass around it which makes it perfect as an extra room. After that I went home after a wonderful day with my oldest. A day that to me is luxury, being able to be with my sons one at the time as adults. 

Time for coffee and buns

Happy Mom on the balcony
Tomorrow it's Jonas and me that are going to hang out. Can't tell you where we are going though since it's a surprise ;-)

Take care and I will write about our adventure too.