H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 12 maj 2014

Conference, media training and operation

Sunset over Sastaholm. 
Since I last wrote I have attended a panel debate on the health care in Stockholm. We in the Rheumatic association together with other handicap organisations arranged it and there were politicians from every party represented in the county council of Stockholm. 
Very interesting but not enough focus on our questions.
Media training with 2 of the journalists

On Friday we had arranged a conference in a wonderful place called Sastaholm. It used to be a retirement home for old actors/actresses and you can really tell by the decor and everything.

The first day we had media training by 3 journalists which ended up in us being filmed for "TV-show" like Good morning TV or Nyhetsmorgon. Of course I was the one in my group that got filmed. I was interviewed about patient schools for people with osteoarthritis. They said I did a good job but I didn't repeat the message enough times :-)

In the evening dinner together before some headed down and played with all the wigs and clothes (from old movies and theatre productions), dressing up and having fun.

Working with the board
Saturday we had the most gorgeous breakfast before starting the work with the new board. We really did a lot those hours on Saturday and felt really satisfied when we ended the conference.
Me in the conference room where we were filmed

I went back home where Emil and Hasse waited for me. We celebrated Emil who had turned 27 on Friday. My sis Helen and Danniel came as well as Pinglan.
Jonas is on tour in Europe and couldn't make it of course. We had a very nice time and Emil was well celebrated. We had grilled pork, the first grill of the year, but it was nearly not done since the weather wasn't on our side. It has been raining now for quite some time. And before that it was frost. So no summer in sight yet.
Dinner with family


Hasse and I are going on a cruise to Helsinki on Thursday and we do hope we will have some nice weather.

Today I had a small operation. My doctor thought it was a benign tumor but on my back but when he cut open it turned out to be an infection that had been
encapsulated. He showed me afterwards what he had taken out, gross.

I have had that in my jawbone but not in my back before. Anyway I stayed home today after that but will go to work tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good week. Take care!