H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 2 april 2014

Not long now....

Before H.E.A.T release their album "Tearing down the walls" AND I'm off to Los Angeles, La Mirada.
Both the same day ;-)

I have worked so hard these past few days so I will be all finished at work with both invoicing and our salaries. I’m right now on track and I do hope I will stay that way.

What I haven’t done is start packing! I will probably do it the night before I go J I basically know what I will take with me and I only pack for nice weather ;-) and hopefully we will have nice weather.

I’m going to my doctor tomorrow so I have all medicines I need. Also I will get the result of the blood tests we took last week. After that I will go to the Rheumatic association where we will have media training as well as statutory meeting. Not at the same time though ;-) but after one another.

We wanted to have the media training since this year is the “super election year” in Sweden. We will elect for the EU-parliament as well as to our Swedish parliament. That will give us an excellent chance to have our important issues heard by the politicians. So we are planning several meetings and started last year with meetings with one politician from every party.

Now it’s time for bed. It’s a long day tomorrow.

And yes I forgot. Monday it’s Hasse’s birthday and the 17th it’s Jonas. So on Sunday we will celebrate both here with a good lunch. All the boys and Mandy are coming. That will be so nice.

Talk to you later. Have a good day or night wherever you are.