H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 24 februari 2014

New week again!

Time flies, doesn't it? It has already been a week, and what a week. Will it never stop being so busy? I'm so looking forward to go to LA. I know I can relax there, sit on the porch and watch the hummingbirds (I hope) :-)
The hummingbird feeder but I'm not sure there is a bird there. Maybe on the backside

The past week was full, as usual ;-), of work, board meeting, annual meeting, writing protocol but also birthday dinner.

It has been so much work lately with the annual meeting for the Rheumatic association closing in. We have to write the annual report for our members which includes all activities last year, the economy status, the business plan for this year with budget and I'm rather much involved in them all.
Our house troubador Chris "Keno"

At work it has settled down to the ordinary now that the final accounts for last year is closed which feels great! I'm so happy that all went well.

Thursday I was secretary at my local Rheumatic association and it was lovely to see everyone again. I don't have time to attend their board meetings. That would be too much for me. I have to think of my health first. But it was very nice and we had Chris "Keno" Holm, our house troubador sing for us before and after the meeting. And we did singalong as well. Music and singing really makes you feel good. We ought to do that more often. 
 Starter: Skagenrora on a toast with avocado, yummie
 Main course: Potatoes dauphinoise, tenderloin and sallat, yumm-yummy
 Danniel and Emil (Danniel is looking at Jonas)
Dessert: Strawberry cake
 All three brothers in one photo is rare but warms a mother's heart.

Then yesterday we went to Danniel to celebrate his birthday and it was so nice to see all three brothers together. It's not often we can gather the whole family.
Danniel had made delicious food and while he and I prepared the food the other ones saw Sweden take a silver medal in the Olympic icehockey.

Speaking of the Olympics. I think Sweden did great. We took a whole bunch of medals and especially considering we are such a small country I think it's good.
But of course we do have the advantage of snow, cold weather and Vasaloppet :-). Vasaloppet which takes place this Sunday :-)

Have a great week everyone and take care!