H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 15 juni 2014

Another week has gone by with both joy and sorrow

View from the inn to the marina

This week we, my work,  had our summer dinner and I had booked this wonderful place down by the sea and the marina in Sodertalje. It's called Glashyttans Inn and if you don't know it you would never think there was such an oasis there. You drive off the motorway down in an industrial estate and then you turn left and drive for a couple of hundred meters and suddenly you are in the countryside.

The table before we sat down

I had a beef grain fed

You can see the trainstation, the motorway but it's so quiet and green. On one side you have the Inn and the marina. Opposite that is the seaside bath. It's like on a cape. Very peaceful and the inn had such good food! We really had a nice time together :-) After we were done I took three of my co-workers in my tiny car and drove them. Two left at Stora Essingen and one I drove home since he lives in Marsta which isn't far from me.
Some of my co-workers

The next day was filled with meetings with the Rheumatic association. First a group which I'm the convener of. We are working with our official website making up plans how we want it to look and what we should put there and also who. 

Then it was time for the working committe meeting before the boardmeeting, puh! It was a long day but we did many things.
A very nice thing was that the Stockholm section had their summer feast which marks the end of the first term. They had invited us to join and we were treated with sandwich cake and strawberries. Yummie. 

Then on Friday was the sad part when I attended a funeral after a very dear friend of ours who passed away at the end of May. It was a lovely, can you say that about it, funeral. Lots of people, lots of love, tears and smiles. I remember him as a true gentleman, always seeing something good in everyone. He had a sense of humour that was wonderful and he held the most wonderful, funny and thoughtful speaches whenever we had a dinner together. We were a tight bunch that used to go to Rhodes and to have dinners together.
So we called ourselves the Rhodes-gang :-) His wife is the most sweet person I've seen. She too sees a person for who she is not how she looks even though she always says I'm pretty ;-)
The priest was a fantastic woman who made this sad moment very light. 
Afterwords we all gathered and had soup, bread and then strawberry cake all according to what B wanted. His brother talked about him and it was like listen to B again. Then three relatives sang Hallelujah so wonderful. It was a good memory to take home.
I hope the weather will be like this

This weekend I have rested and done nothing much out of the ordinary. Today though I have started packing since we will go to Gotland on Thursday for 10 days. We will celebrate Midsummer there of course. I'm looking forward to be there and I hope the weather will be better. Maybe I won't be able to be on the internet that much during the Gotland stay because there are bad connections down there.

The days are so light now and so are the evenings and nights. 

As always - take care!

söndag 8 juni 2014

29th Anniversary

Newlyweds and newly Christened. Me, Hasse and Jonas

 Today it's 29 years since Hasse and I got married. How time flies when you have fun :-)
It's also 29 years since Jonas Christening. We did both at the same time. First we got married and then we went out and fetched Jonas, into the church again and Christened him.
On the top photo from left: Danniel, me, Malin, Hasse, Jonas, Gunilla and Staffan.
The photo below have our family and friends and us in the middle

It was a gorgeous day. We were married in our, where we lived at the time, little church  Hammary church,from the 12th century. We had invited 85 guests, both family, friends and co-workers.
Our host couple were our very dear friends Kitte and Janne.

After the wedding we went to the reception where we served dinner. We had a good contact in catering so luckily we got a good price. We also had a bar, dance and we partied rather late at night. I couldn't drink since I was breastfeeding Jonas and my friend couldn't either becuase she too had a baby and breastfed. The funny thing is when I came home at night I took of my dress and bra and I had so much rice (you know that you throw on newlyweds) and that combined with breastmilk was almost porridge ;-)

One thing that is sad is that I never had a bachelorette party and that is, of course, because I just had had a baby. Jonas was almost 2 month when we got married. I can sometimes miss that I didn't get to have that. Not the party with just drinking but doing fun things together with your friends. 

It has been 29 years filled with happiness and sorrow of course. I could fill a book with everything that has happened during these 29 years. We have now 5 children, 6 grandchildren and one greatgrandchild on its way. 1 had one, Hasse had 2 and then we have 2 together (children that is). Our youngest children doesn't have any children of their own so we might have more grandchildren in the future :-)

We will celebrate today with a BBQ and our three sons that are living in Stockholm will come over and I'm so happy for that.


fredag 6 juni 2014

Wonderful mini vacation

Our room is the two windows on the ground floor by the open door.

In December I got a gift from my job which was a box called "Sweet and Good" where you could choose to go to different places for something sweet.

Gripsholm's Inn

I also had won an overnight stay for 2 incl. breakfast at a place of my choice.

The little town square

Gripsholm castle

On our walk - the church and some lovely old houses

The town hall
So I booked a room at Gripsholms Inn, which is the oldest Inn in Sweden, for Thursday to Friday.
And since one of the "sweet" places was quite close, Taxinge castle, I thought we could go there too.

The prices were a bit different at the beginning of the 1900
All Innkeepers since 1610
So we arrived yesterday afternoon to this beautiful Inn and we had a big room, actually two. The sad thing was that it was on the ground floor just beside the entrance door. So everytime someone went out or in the door smashed and this was especially disturbing during the evening and night. You stood up in the bed when it slammed! One other thing was the smell. It was like a smell of fish. I don't know what it was but it wasn't very nice. Other than that it was wonderful, the bed was so comfy and we slept rather good. Although I was afraid that I would wake up with a monk by my bedside.

Hasse relaxing in what once was a monk's cell
Why monk you might ask? Well, the first building on this site was a monk convent who was situated here in 1504. It's said they are haunting and one thing people have said is that they have felt someone sitting in their bed. We didn't have any though and slept soundly.
This was the monk's windows. See how thick the walls are.

In the evening we ate at the Inn and what food we had! So delicious and just enough. Hasse treated me to that because we celebrated our 29th anniversary (it's really on Sunday ). So nice.
They have two wells left, this being one of them.

This morning we had a wonderful breakfast before going on a tour around the city. It isn't big, only 5000 lives there, but it's so picturesque and worth a visit. It was actually the first time both for me and Hasse.

After that we checked out and went to the Taxinge castle where they have this famous caketable.
My box was for two and included coffee or tea, 1 cake each, 1 pastry and 1 cookie. Nice surroundings and very good. We also saw the tent where they film the reality show "The whole of Sweden is baking" where they crown the best amateur baker in Sweden.
Hasse enjoying coffee and cakes

Some of the cakes and cookies they have

Taxinge castle and a beautiful rhododendron

This is the place where they tape the TV-show.

Now we are back home refreshed and with lots of new impressions. Tomorrow me, Emil and Helen are going to visit Mom's and Dad's grave since it's a year since she died on Sunday. On Sunday I will have the boys over for both anniversary, christening (Jonas) and that Emil has been clean for 2 years.
We will BBQ and I'm looking forward to that.

As always take care!

tisdag 3 juni 2014

June and soon vacation :-)

"Little Kanin", me and Henrik in Boras citypark
Last week was quite a busy week. Worked Monday-Wednesday and on Wednesday I baked a pie with rhubarb and strawberries for work. Much appreciated.
Going through all statues and propositions the night before the congress begins.
Then on Thursday I was home and I went to buy flowers for our front garden (I will take photos when they have settled). Then I packed because on Friday morning I went to pick up my friend for further transport to Boras where the Rheumatic association held our yearly congress. There are delegates from all over Sweden and we always have a lot of things to decide over. This year we had statue changes and also many propositions to decide on.

Open the link below and you will see us do some moves, enjoy!

 Showing some moves :-)

Lots of discussions and different opinions, of course, but the whole time a very good atmosphere based on respect for one another. I like it when it is like that.
I have been on other congresses where the atmosphere have been very ill-natured.
We are not praying although it looks like it. We are actually doing some soft zumba moves. 

We also had breathers when we did zumba which was adapted to suit rhematics and we joined in and everyone did what they managed. It was fun and very needed.

Next year the Rheumatic association will be 70!! So to celebrate next year will be full of fun events. One we got to hear at the congress - yes hear. They gave 2 well known songwriters (no, not H.E.A.T) the task to write an uptempo song that would be ours. It is so good and you just want to get up and dance and singalong when you hear it :-) Which we did!

Serious work
Beautiful citypark
Saturday evening the district who were the host of the congress celebrated their 40th anniversary with a jubilee dinner. I had the best luck and ended up at a table with wonderful people. We had so much fun although we did get our meal last of everyone. There was lottery and I won "Little Kanin" (see photo) and didn't realize it was me because I thought everyone else had won and then I said: But it's me! Everyone laughed :-)
Then I won yet another time and I said: Can I win twice? And I could. So I won a set of showercream and bodylotion. Nice :-)
This is my first win - lille Kanin :-) Had too much to drink?

After a long day and evening I was so tired and just fell in bed and slept until the clock rang at 7AM. Up, having breakfast and back to the negotiations. We finished at 2PM and me and my friend once again entered my little blue C1 to go to Stockholm. It went rather well until we came to Vasteras. Lots of traffic jam due to road work. So I wasn't home until 8.30PM after dropping off my friend Ingvor at her home. I just unpacked, washed and went to bed. Up again at 04.30 and at work 05.45AM. Do I have to tell you I was beyond tired!

But it was invoice time and I worked very hard. Then came home and sat down in front of the TV with the purpose of watching a show and an hour later I woke up ;-) 
Gripsholms Inn - the oldest Inn in Sweden
Now I'm back on track and tomorrow I work and then I'm free until Monday. Me and Hasse are going to Gripsholms inn on Thursday and will stay overnight there. Then on Friday we will go to Taxinge castle and have some coffee and cakes (this is a price which I got from work). 

Taxinge castle
The famous cake buffet at Taxinge castle
On Saturday me, Helen and Emil are going to visit the grave. It's one year since Mom died on Sunday. Jonas can't come along since he's gigging in Finland. 

On Sunday me and Hasse celebrate our 29th anniversary! And we will have a BBQ.

I hope you are all doing well and as always - take care!