H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 28 juli 2013

Road trip to Helsingborg and H.E.A.T's show there

 Fans and friends, Marie-Louise, Peter, Ingvor and me

Thursday me and my very good friend Ingvor started from her house for Helsingborg. Her car was completely full since we also had her wheel chair with us.

We drove to Nyköping where we had our first stop for lunch. Then we continued to lake Vättern and we had of course to have some coffe there with this gorgeous view. The coffee wasn't that good and they hardly had anything to go with it but they did have the view ;-)

We then continued to the cute little town of Gränna which is the home of sugar candy poles or as we say polkagrisar. Of course we had to stop there and buy some. It's a tradition although the canes are very sweet and very bad for your teeth so it's really just a tradition and nothing we really eat (at least not I)

Then we drove alongside one of Sweden's most wonderful motorways that is alongside lake Vättern all the way down to Huskvarna. After Jönköping we continued into Småland and the deep forest of Småland, as we say. Not much of anything but forest. And of course some small towns. One being Ljungby from where I originate, or rather my grandfather does.

From Gränna and Vida Vättern :-)

After 8 hours drive we finally reached our destination - Helsingborg which is in Scania by Öresund. We stayed at Elite Marina Plaza and we, luckily, had our rooms overlooking Denmark (which you reach with ferry in 20 min). On the other side of the hotel they had a stage for dancebands. The whole town was filled with stages, musicians, tivoli, food and everything else you can imagine on a townfestival. The music played well into the night and for those having rooms on that side I don't think they had much sleep :-)

Sunset over Öresund and Denmark. Beautiful evening

The next day, Friday, we decided to call a friend who is also on the Rheumatic board. She has her summerhouse in Skanör which is almost as far south you can come. We called and said we would come for lunch :-) She was happy and we drove down which took only 1 hour. We had a wonderful lunch with salmon, salats, potatoes, cake with raspberries and more. Very nice and so hospital of them.

At lunch in Skanör, me, Gun and Ingvor

After that we headed back to Helsingborg for some rest before dinner and going out. We had the wheelchair since Ingvor isn't capable of standing up for long. To the big stage we went and once there we met up with friends who are big H.E.A.T-fans. Great to see them! Then H.E.A.T on stage! What a show! They had so much joy and you could really see that they enjoyed being on stage. One of the best concerts with them and I have seen many :-)

Afterwards we met up with the guys together with some other friends and fans.

The night was just perfect. Very mild and I just had a dress on and it was like one of the rare (in Sweden) summer nights.

Eric and Jona on stage
Eric, Erik and Crash
The show was fantastic!

The next day we drove home but the weather had turned to worse and we had rain, heavy rain, through Scania and Småland which slowed us down. On the way up we stopped in old Linköping which is a wonderful place a little bit like Old Town in San Diego but of course Swedish style. We stayed there for some time which made us come home later than anticipated so I think it was around 7PM after 10 hours we returned. But what a road trip and how much fun we had. Singing, talking, laughing, being serious and more...

Firefighter model old in Old Linköping
The square with actors in 1800th clothes
Ingvor talking to the police with uniform from 1865

Thank you for a great trip which marked the end of my vacation. Now it's 2 1/2 week to the next one which is New York!