H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 20 april 2013

I know don't say it....

I have been very bad ;-) I just realized I haven't written for almost 2 weeks. Well what can I say? By the time I sit down here by the computer I'm so tired I don't have the the time or can be awake so long that I can write something down :-( It's terrible I know and I don't know when it's going to get better.
This is how I feel when not writing

It's not just that I do too much. It's also my multi diagnosis which makes me extremely fatigue. As you know I have SS, that is Sjogren's syndrome a rheumatic disease, as well as Fibromyalgia, IBS, arthritis and some more.
And this autumn and winter has been too much since I've been in a relapse. But now it seems like it has turned, after lot of medication, so hopefully as it's getting better and the light in this country is coming back, I too will feel better and more energetic.

We in Sweden want to see this happy sun :-) soon.

Enough about the moaning now! You remember I last told you about the win? I won a trip to Paris. But we changed our minds me and Hasse. I have now booked us a trip to - Prague! We go on May 27 for 5 days :-) We are so looking forward to that. Prague is said to be a wonderful city and just as romantic as Paris ;-)

Last weekend we had board meeting conference with the newly elected board. We were at Tre Rosor, Rosersberg (my former workplace) and we had a wonderful time. We have 4 new members on the board, all very nice and eager to work.

What has happened more than that? Well, H.E.A.T has been on a European success tour including Germany, England, Scotland and Spain.
Great reviews, sold out in London and they had to change to bigger venues both in Madrid and Barcelona. I so wish I could have been there especially in Barcelona where Jonas for the third time met his cousin which I haven't
met :-(

 My son Jona in action (H.E.A.T action)

Today I visited my Mom and Danniel took a walk and joined us which was very nice. It was a pleasure to be with her today because she was in such a good mood. She talked a lot in different languages (though we don't understand what she says :-( which is sad), she sang, she wanted me to sing (!), she clapped her hands and she wanted to hold my hand.

 My oldest son Danniel and my Mother

Yesterday I was in Norrtälje to see my good friend Anne for some treatment, chatting and lunching :-) I haven't been to see her for such a long time due to me being so ill the last six months but finally I got to see her again.
We always have so much to talk about :-) One other funny thing that happened when we had our lunch at Havspiren is that my former chief from my guide days were there! She owned the travel agency where I used to work and I haven't seen her in probably 20 years :-) So nice to meet her :-)
Me yesterday in Norrtälje :-)

Well, that's about it for now (there has of course happened more but nothing out of the ordinary) Take care everyone!