H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 7 februari 2017

Update August - February

I haven't written since August and I can't believe why really or yes I can. There is so much going on and the time never seems to be enough.

The last time was when I had been to the Hadiraja festival and places some videoclips here with Erik and Jona.

Since then if I just take August there were boardmeetings both at work and at the Rheumatic association. Mandy turned 25 and had a party with family to celebrate. She later also had a party with friends of course. At the Rheumatic association we had a big trouble when our newly elected chairwoman said she was immediately leaving her post due to doubts about the mission.
We then had to discuss how to deal with this which took a lot of time. We also had a chairmen conference planned in September with a set program that we suddenly had to change completely. This also took a long time.

In September I turned 62! Yes you read it right. I can't believe I'm 62, It doesn't feel like it, at least not in my head but my body do tell me I am that age.
On my birthday I first went to my hair stylist for a new haircolor and styling. Then into town or rather Djurgarden where I met up with my sis Helen and her collegue Lena. We first had dinner at Cirkus and directly after in to the theatre where we saw Phantom of the Opera. This time with Peter Joback as the Phantom and in Swedish! What a wonderful birthday this was.
But my top birthday present was the birthday card from J and M that told me I will be grand mother in April!  💑💕
And of course boardmeetings, doctor meeting and I started rehab for my arthritis.

The end of September and beginning of October I went to Oslo, Norway with my sister, her dentist nurse, her collegue and her nurse. Great time together.
Torpa in Sodertalje for a boardmeeting conference
Kristianstad with my friend Carina for concert
More board meetings, education and more.

November heavy snowstorm the day I was supposed to go on education in south of Stockholm. It wasn't possible so I stayed home which was a wise decision since people had up to 11 hours to go home by car. Something that normally would take 20 minutes!
Education in Malmö which also gave me opportunity to say goodbye to my beloved aunt. She had cancer and on top of that had two strokes so she decided she didn't want to live anymore.

December Hasse, me and our friends had a wonderful weekend at our favorite hotel where we ate Christmas smorgasbord.
Christmas party at the Rheumatic association
Christmas concert in Stockholm with my sis
Christmas concert in Norrkoping with my friend Ingvor and a wonderful stay at the Lamp hotel
Christmas party with my job at Hufvudsta mansion where we, as usual, cooked our own 3-course dinner.
Christmas Eve at home with the boys, my sis and her son.
Christmas Day and Boxing Day in Gavle celebrating Christmas no 2
New Year's Eve at home good food peaceful

January Snowstorm once again
The Royal Opera to see Fedora
Lunch with M and she now has a cute baby tummy
Board meeting comes along as well as all work for the annual meetings and auditing
On January 21 my beloved aunt passed away

February so far -
One fair about conference, hotels and food
Audit the local rhematic association
Audit done at work and the books closed!
Doctor's appointment tomorrow and rehab
Annual meeting with the local rheumatic association on Saturday
Auditing the District Februay 16
Going to Malmo for the funeral of my aunt Feb 23-25

That's about it so far. Sorry that I haven't bee able to write as I usually do but 2016 was a really hectic year and it seems 2017 will continue 😃😊
I will try to write more often because there are so much fun coming in 2017. New record by H.E.A.T, new grandchild and much more.