H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 6 januari 2016


A New year has begun but before that we had Christmas.
Fireworks from our balcony. Hard to get good photos and a sense of how many there were
New Year's dinner - main course

I started my holiday on December 22 so I had a chance to fix all the things you need to do before you can celebrate. Like shopping for everything you need to prepare the food like the most important - the ham. Then to make the meatballs, the spareribs, the ham, the Christmas porridge and everything else you need.
Ready for Christmas Eve

Father and sons with some glogg

On Christmas Eve we were just the boys and us. Mandy worked and then she was at her sisters house.
We had a very nice time together and very traditionally. Helen and her family had gone on a cruise from Barcelona to Maroc and the Canary islands so they weren't here.
We had Secret Santa and I got a wonderful warm grey scarf.
Our Christmas tree

Some of the Christmas smorgasbord

The next morning we all went up to Gävle to celebrate our second Christmas. Almost everyone was there. The only ones missing was Henrik and his girlfriend. In all we were around 20 people and we had a great time. It's so nice to meet everyone. To catch up, chat and laugh. In the evening we drove back home again.
Hasse and daughter-in-law

Children, grandchildren, ex-wifes husband, spouses and great grandchild

Grandchild, ex-wife to Hasse, Per and Hasse

The cake buffet

Lisa, Gittan and Malin (who is expecting our second great grandchild)

Tuva in the middle of attention

Boxing Day my good friend and one of our "adopted grandchildren" came for coffee and chat. It was a long time since we met but we had so much fun. It's like we've never been apart. Lot's of laughter and "do you remember when...." The other ones didn't come because they had a cold.
Next time.....
My good friend Inger and our "adopted grandchild" Tanya - happy faces

Then a couple of days of relax and I started to build up a cold which I still have. I went to work on the 30th to empty the mail, pay some invoices and more...

Then New Year's Eve with just me, Hasse and Emil. We all had this cold by then. But I am the worst affected and when Hasse and Emil are pretty well now I have developed sinusitis. 
I hate that because I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't breathe properly. The nose has just shut down. Furthermore I get this asthma cough whenever I have a cold and it's so tiresome.
The best thing though is that I have been off work and thus able to rest. Every afternoon I had sat down in front of the TV and every afternoon I fall asleep for an hour or so.

And the last days we have finally had snow and cold! Today it is -14C and that is cold. Nice to be inside then. 
But tomorrow I'm off to work again. It's really not my day to work but since it's the first day of the new year I have to go in for the invoicing. But then I'm free again on Friday.

Next week it really starts.....