H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 25 augusti 2015

August post no 3 :-)

And then it was work but only for 3 days. I then went to my friend Suzanne who does my hair.

I always like it when I leave because she's so good in what she's doing. Also we have a lot of fun everytime. I don't get any champagne or wine (Jo) but we do "fika" which is a very Swedish thing to do. We drink coffee with some buns or cakes or something and we chat and we laugh.

Last week also the Rheumatic association started again for the autumn-season. We are going to have a conference September 4 and 5 so we had a lot of planning to do.

Next day foot care at the podiatrist. Very nice and so needed :-)

On Sunday I "borrowed" Mandy (Jonas sambo) and we went on an archipelago cruise. Do you see a pattern here? This time to Moja which is as far out you can come before open sea. We didn't go ashore. The weather was fantastic and we had lunch onboard and then we sat out on deck. So wonderful. And Mandy even saw a seal! The head of a seal and that was when we were almost back in Stockholm city!

I have now worked Monday and Tuesday. Tomorrow I have the day off and do you know what?
Me and Hasse are going on a cruise (!) It's actually one of my birthday gifts from last year. Almost the last one although I have 2 more left. I love being able to kind of celebrate ones birthday for a whole year :-) Soon it's time again.....
We are going on a cruise with Birka Paradise and I had an upgrade to suite which means we have our own cabin attendant who fix everything with checkin and we also get to go onboard before everyone and during the time we arrive and until we check-in we have our own lounge to be in. So nice.

It's only for 24 hours and when we return I immediately go to the Royal Operahouse where I have booked my job for an AW at the Golden terrace. 
We are going to have Swedish tapas which should be fun. Have never had that before. I will tell you what I thought afterwards.

On Friday I will se my sister in her capacity as dentist. 

And on Sunday we will celebrate Mandy who has birthday. Jonas is playing in Falkenberg at a rockfestival. And soon they will take off for Japan. I think they will leave mid-September.

But first thing first. Tomorrow we will also celebrate our grandchild Linnea who turns 28. She will come here for lunch and cake before she starts working in the afternoon and we are off to the cruise.

I hope you all have fun and a great week whatever you do but as always take care!