H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 25 april 2015

Oh, forgot this - Kungstradgarden 7th of June

On June 4 - 7 there is a huge event in Kungstradgarden in Stockholm. It's called "Taste Stockholm" and it is a kind of food festival and with artists as well.

On the final night H.E.A.T is headlining and closing the festival.
Be sure to be there if you can. It will be a blast and as you know they always deliver a supershow live.

I hope to see you there :-)

Torpa on conference

My beautiful birthday boy

We were all invited to Jonas and Mandy for birthday celebration last Saturday. They had invited US,  Mandys mom and dad, her grandmother and her aunt.  From Gävle came  Staffan and Lena and Emil and Danniel too. 
We  had all  chipped in to give him his dream present - a trip to  Rome for him and Mandy.
They are actually leaving tomorrow morning ( I started writing this on Thursday so they are in Rome now) and they have a blast.

I on the other hand went on a conference to Torpa in Sodertalje. A wonderful little boardinghouse from 1870. It's said that the house was given to Oscar II mistress as a gift. Who knows but his portrait hangs in the salon.
Me on the big terrace outside my room overlooking the sea

 I love this place with its interiour from the past, the host who is a young man that took over last year and the wonderful surroundings.
The view and a bit of the terrace

We worked very hard and creative, which is what a surrounding like that makes you do. So yesterday, that is Friday, we were finished earlier than we should and could go home a couple of hours before planned. This was fantastic since it was Friday. I felt very sick though and had a bad ache in my stomach, was extremely tired although I slept like a baby in my beautiful room. So when I drove home I had a very hard time trying to stay awake. When I got home I just went in, talked to Hasse, unpacked a bit and then up to bed. I slept for 3 hours and then I felt a little bit better.
The gorgeous bed in my huge bedroom, actually one of the wedding suites ;-)

In the evening it was the final of Let's Dance which is the Swedish show of Dancing with the stars. We had a singer Marie and a world champion in downhill skiing in the finals. Marie was outstanding! So good and with such a joy. She got perfect scores 90 points in 3 dances. She is the first ever doing that in the 10 years the programme had been on. 
Ingmar Stenmark the skier was very good dancing, all the steps were there but he hadn't the joy or showmanship and frankly was a bit stiff. He did it a bit mechanical if you understand what I mean.
And who won do you think? The perfect dancer with great showmanship or the mechanical dancer with little emotions but a world champion? Yes, the world champion (although it was in the 70s) I don't know if it is a dance competition or what?

Spring has sprung here :-) and we are feeling it both Hasse and I. Lot's of pollen and we have blocked nose, runny nose and sneezes :-)

Today we will take it easy, relax but first, of course, Melodikrysset.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend!