H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 15 mars 2015

Long overdue post

Well I haven't been writing since February 8! I know and I didn't realize it had been so long until Jo wrote and asked how I was :-)

Visit to maybe a new conference facility - Wenngarn
I'm doing pretty OK, some days worse and I have had a real scare but more about that later.
The castle Wenngarn is one of the oldest in Sweden

There has been and are so much going on right now. We had Danniel's 40th birthday on February 15 when everyone came home for dinner. As a birthday gift we gave him a holiday to Gotland for 10 days during Midsummer and the week after, all paid for and full board (at our country house in Gotland of course and we will be there too)
The castle from another angle

There has also been a lot with the closing of the books and auditing but I can gladly say that is over now, thank you!

Annual meeting with the local Rheumatic association. I sat secretary
I had a real scare mid Februay when I had a bad inflammation in my pelvis which finally forced me to take medicine to be able to walk. When I had taken that for 4 days my face suddenly started swelling one evening and I had this burning feeling, all red and also itching all over. I didn't take any more but I did take antihistamin, 12 tablets, and when I woke up in the morning the swelling was gone, thank God. I called my doctor the morning after and got an appointment. He says I really needs those medicines for my inflammation so now I'm going to the hospital the allergy section and they will test and provoke me with that medicine. He thinks if might have been something else in combination with the medicine. We have to wait and see the outcome but it was kind of scary.

Hasse and I have also been to Norrköping to meet our great grand child little Tuva. She's just adorable and such a happy child. We stayed at a hotel but we had plenty of time to be with them as well. A very nice weekend that was!

Me and Helen at a wonderful dance event
I am planning three big things which pretty much takes all my free time, and work time.
First is the trip to Berlin which is on Friday until Monday night. There have been some changes, one is sick another one had a loss and have to attend a funeral. This has meant a lot of work resceduling the flight for one and cancel everything for the other.

Several dancers from Sweden's DWTS - Let's Dance
Then we have the Annual meeting with the Rheumatic district which is to be on Thursday. I have now stated I can't attend. This is Thursday night and I have to be at Arlanda airport at 6AM with everyone's tickets and everything else needed for the trip to Berlin.

There have been meetings both with the Rheumatic District but also fairs I have been to, that is travel fairs. I have been visiting potential conference places. 

I have the huge event in Hagaparken in May which takes a lot of time, planning, meetings, negotiations and so on.
The poster for the event in Hagaparken. You are all so welcome!

On top of that my work celebrates 10 year jubilee and we are planning a party for our customers which I have a lot to do with. Taking quotes on catering, gifts for customers, tents and everything around.

So now you know what I have been up to and what I'm doing so I hope you forgive if I don't write as often here.

I'm waiting for Staffan and Lena. They will have dinner here on the way home from Norrköping. This is what I did
Sallat, Västerbottenburger and sweet potatoe mash

It was good :-)
 I will give you the recipe another day. Now I have to rest before the coming weeks program :-)