H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 6 januari 2015

Full moon and back to work

Yesterday night we had the most amazing full moon. It was also pretty cold with clear sky so you could really see the moon. It's just beautiful. The bad side of the full moon is that I have trouble sleeping and are a bit anxious. After this has happened many times I see the that it always happens at full moon. Any of you feel the full moon? 

Tomorrow I'm going back to work after being on holiday for 2 weeks. It will be hard to get up tomorrow morning at 4.30AM since I have being going up at 7-7.30AM during the holidays.
I have also been able to take naps when I felt like it and I certainly have been doing that especially since I got the inflammation in my SE joint in my back. I'm on medication now so much better.

But it's so typical that you get ill when you are on holiday isn't it?

Anyway a hard week ahead ;-) I work tomorrow and then I'm off until Monday when I really start.

Hope you are well all of you reading this and that you have had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

Until next time, take care and love your dear ones.