H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 23 november 2014

November 23

 OMG I just saw I haven't written anything since November 11. Bad Mia ;-)

Lights at Kungsgatan, Stockholm
I can just say that my days and weeks are so full now that when I have some moments I just want to sit down and do nothing. At most I write short on FB or Instagram but not anything else. I know, if I go in here every day it wouldn't be that much to write but I am so so tired nowadays.
Sisters on the balcony of our hotel room
I think you would be too if you lived in Sweden. This November has been the darkest ever! I'm not sure but I think we have seen the sun maybe a couple of hours the whole month. It's not even very light but kind of dusk all day. And this makes you even more tired.
I am longing for next weekend when we can light all the advent lights. In fact there was a ceremony yesterday in Stockholm where they lit 700 000 lights in Stockholm.

Birgit Bidder in concert
Back to the last weeks event. As I wrote last I was to go on a concert at Sodra teatern where Anna or Birgit Bidder, which is her artist name, was performing. She had written all the music, she played the piano, she sang and she had a chamber orchestra with her on stage (big one). She is so supertalanted, the concert was great. Sold out house and a total success. I'm so happy for her and proud!

Birgit Bidder
The next day was a meeting day. First budget then board meeting. It wasn't the best of meetings, the board meeting, I mean. I was totally down-and-out afterwards. We are having a big event next year which I and my group of 4 is planning. We were totally pressed down with pessimism and the attitude that it's to big, too much and that we can't handle it. That is so sad :-( I had second thoughts and talked to the others in my group but they were all like, let's do it, let's show them. And they are even more ON now in a way. 
After that meeting I was so upset, sad, angry so I took time-out. I didn't went on Facebook, didn't sheck my mails and did nothing until Sunday afternoon. Then I went to my "greatgranddaughter's" children's party. She turned 2. It was nice to meet her and her parents who I hadn't seen since the wedding.
Freya opening presents on her 2 year birthday
Then work again and on Wednesday I was invited to the Swedish Postcode lottery head office in Stockholm. I was to be interviewed together with their "face" in TV, Richard. He hosts the TV-show called the Postcode millionaire and also have the shows where they give away the big money.
It is kind of funny because when I won the one who came and gave me the check was a rock artist, drummer in the band The Poodles, who know Jonas. They have toured together. Now I met Richard who has been a pupil of Hasse's at the Fire Acadamy at Arlanda. Small world :-)
He is super nice and very cute. We sat and talked (was interviewed) for over 2 hours and during that time they treated us with lunch.
Me and Rickard and the check that wasn't mine unfortunately
 The people at the Postcode lottery, everyone, was super nice. Several of them came and congratulated me to the win. Some of them had been in Väsby during the filming but there were so many then that I couldn't remember all :-)
This is taken when I won. Quite a different sum :-)
Next day (Thursday) I was in Norrtälje visiting my good friend Anne for treatment, lunch, lots of chat and laughter. I'm so happy she's in my life and she's such a good friend.
My beautiful little sister

Me at the restaurant

The view from our balcony and the American flag
Then on Friday it was time for my 60's birthday present from my sis Helen. She had planned it all! First I had 2 hours at a day SPA with facial treatment and manicure (first in my life). Then I checked in a the luxurious hotel Diplomat at Strandvagen in Stockholm. We had a gorgeous room overlooking the boats, the sea and Grona Lund (the amusement park) and with a little balcony.

Our hotelroom
 After settling in I went to meet Helen who had been on her SPA treatment meanwhile. Then we went to dinner at Prinsen which is a restaurant established in 1897. Delicious food and perfect service.

After that gorgeous food, lots of chat and catching up we walked back to our hotel where we, "party girls" had a night in watching Idol ;-) before we went to sleep. A good lie-in-bed Saturday morning with chat followed by breakfast ended a wonderful time with my sister. A big THANK YOU Helen. 

I love you

Today is just relaxing before next week starts. I hope you all are having a good weekend