H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

söndag 26 oktober 2014

TV4 and more....

I haven't had time to write for a while, as usual ;-) I have been busy with this and that.
Me after visit to my hairstylist

Since I last wrote I have been to my hairstylist, long overdue. 
A rainy and foggy Malmo

Last Friday and Saturday we had the Chairmen conference at Rosersberg and straightly after that I went to the Stockholm Central station to catch a train for Malmo where I attended a course in my economic program. Came home late Tuesday night. Up working, as usual, at 04.30. In the afternoon it was time for my flu shot, my Mekobalamin and Pneumonia shot so 3 at once.

The next day, Thursday, I was supposed to go to Norrtalje for some treatment but I was a bit fiverish, after the shots probably, so we changed that to November instead.
Haga park a rainy Saturday

My friend Ingvor
More of the Park

Cosy fireplace
Then yesterday, a very rainy and grey day, me and two other friends went to Haga parken which is the place where our Crownprincess Victoria and her family lives. We weren't of course at the castle but in the park and then at the Inn that was built by Gustav III in 1784 (or something like that). Very nice!
We had lunch there, delicious,  and the waiter lit a fire which was so cosy.

Today I'm cooking for my coworkers lunch tomorrow. They will be served: Prime rib poched in red wine on low temperature for 4 hours, potatoes, broccoli. For dessert: Crunchy salted caramel pie with lingonberries and light whipped cream. How about that?

I have been in the kitchen all day  I can tell you :-) I do hope they will enjoy.

H.E.A.T has been in Nottingham headlining, on Friday, at Firefest the final fling. They did, of course, a huge success. All the girls are also there so I think they have a great time. 
Great photo of Jonas at Firefest. Photo: Sean Larkin

I was on Swedish TV4 last night because of the win I told you about in my last post. Almost immediately after it was aired I got a lot of comments on Facebook and people called. You see what impact it has to be seen on TV. I was visible maybe a couple of seconds and Hasse too. But what fun it was. I am so sorry that you can't see it in USA :-(

Take care and have a great week everyone!