H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

onsdag 15 oktober 2014

Swedish TV4 filming

I promised to tell you what happened yesterday.
Me and Kicken

I had, without knowing it, been in a contest called the "Skrapyran" can't really translate it but something like scratchrave. It's when you scratch a lottery online. I had registered on the Postcode lottery site because I have one Postcode lottery and I don't have time to check that, so I registered for them to check it for me. Anyway while doing that I got some bonus cash on my page there and I scratched some lotteries until the money was out, maybe 2 or 3 lotteries and of course I didn't win but the money was almost down to zero.

Some of the crew and winners

BUT while doing this I was in this drawing for "Skrapyran" and this time my postnumber was drawn but unfortunately not my postcode. But I won :-) So this woman called me last week. I was on my way to put down the phone (always think it's sellers who wants you to buy more lotteries) when she said I had won and they wanted to come home to me and film for Swedish TV4 when I receives the check.
Kicken in the beautiful Café

And of course I finished a bit early from work and went home. At exactly the right time they knocked on the door and there was this TV-team and Kicken, who is a big rockstar here in Sweden, who gave me flowers and the check. 4 takes it took before they were totally happy. Different angles, close-ups, longshots and more. And I had to be exactly the same enthusiastic Mia every time (which isn't very hard).

The flowers I got

After they had stopped filming I told Kicken that he would meet my son next week at Firefest in Nottingham. He asked what band he is in and I said H.E.A.T. Which one of them he said and I said the keyboardist. Ah, Jonas or what's left of him he said. They had met just a couple of weeks ago at the Beer and whiskey festival here in Stockholm.

The Poodles

After an hour or so we went to the next location which was a lovely little café not far from us. Neither me nor Hasse had been there before. It's called Café Stall and is so cute with beams and you can really see and feel the history. We had coffee, homemade cookies, cakes and buns (but we didn't get to eat much though). We were filmed the whole time while entering, taking coffee and bread, while talking and of course when they handed out the big wins (which wasn't me unfortunately) I got my win by the door. I won 5000 SEK which is around $715. Not much but since I had no idea I could win anything it was big.

The man who won the big bucks sat by our table and he won - embrace yourselves - 763 000 SEK which is around $ 109 000!! But then again he played a lot! All day he scratched these lotteries online and he had the right postnumber and postcode.
It was actually only 4 winners and I was one! Isn't that lucky?


After all the filming I chatted for a while with Kicken and he said: I was on tour (or that is his band The Poodles) with H.E.A.T a couple of years ago and I said I know ;-) 
We had some photos taken and then we all went home. How about that for excitement for a day?

This will be aired on TV4 Saturday October 25 and will be during the "Grannyra" (Neighbor rave) as an element in that show between 7.30PM - 8PM. 

Tomorrow I have to do something with my hair so I'm going to my hairstylist. On Friday it's time for the Chairmen conference and then on Saturday I, hopefully, will be on the train for Malmö where I will attend a course Monday and Tuesday.  

Train to Malmö

You can't say I live a very quiet life, can you? ;-)

Take care now until next time!