H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 9 oktober 2014

Meeting, working and the Rockboat

On Saturday we had a meeting with the party/jubilee committé at my friend Ingvor's house.
I had made Vasterbottenpies, she made sallat, I had baked cinnamon buns (which I wrote about in my last post). It all went down very well with the ladies :-)

We had a really good, productive meeting and decided on a lot of things both for the upcoming Christmas party but also for next year's jubilee. I can't tell you yet because it's a secret so far and I haven't got due permissions yet, but you can be sure I will tell you when all is fixed.

We were supposed to meet for 2 hours but we had so many ideas and chatted so it lasted for 4 hours instead :-) Then on Sunday I rested, yes really.

On Monday our friend J celebrated his birthday but we couldn't be there so we sent flowers. Yesterday my Opera friend celebrated her birthday but she will get her gift when we go to the Opera next time.

Tomorrow the Rheumatology at Karolinska hospital has Open House and I will be there for a couple of hours helping out. It's a co event with us and the hospital. A great opportunity for people to come and check their joints.

Then in the afternoon I will board the Rockboat which has giants like H.E.A.T, Blue Oyster Cult, Black star riders and more. Me and Helen will go as well as several of the H.E.A.T parents.The ship will take us to Helsinki where we have a whole day, Saturday and then we will be back home on Sunday. We have had quite heavy rain for a couple of days but they say it will clear up tomorrow afternoon and I hope they are right.

Chicago Saturday - H.E.A.T - Who will stop the rain

Healthwise I'm very, very tired. Maybe it is the dark. It's dark when I get up in the morning now and dark when I drive to work. At least it's still light when I come home but soon it will be dark even then. We have these wonderful summers when the sun is up almost 24/7 but then we have several months when it's dark, dark, dark. 

I do like autumn when it's sunshine and the air is clean and crisp which it isn't in summer.

Next week will also be hectic. On Tuesday Swedish TV4 will come here and film me. Can't tell you more right now but I will tell you afterwards :-) Then on Friday to Saturday it's Chairmen conference and directly from that I go by train to Malmo where I will attend an education for 2 days and I will be back home on Tuesday evening.

I hope I can walk properly. My broken toes are still bothering me. It's hard to wear proper shoes but now it's so cold I need to. So in the afternoon it's reall painful. And in Malmo, since I don't have a car there, I have to walk quite a long way to get to the school. In worst case scenario I have to take a taxi.

I hope everyone who reads this is in good health and enjoying life. Take care!