H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 3 oktober 2014

Already October?!

Oh my God how time flies. I don't know where the days go - it's Monday and then it's Sunday in just a flash. 

Last I wrote about my birthday and I think it was on the 14th. Then on the 15th Sept was my actual birthday and since I had a big party followed the day after by the dinner and musical I thought that was it. But no, on my birthday there came around 15 more to celebrate me :-) Well, at least I had coffee and a cake to give them. So I celebrate like the royals for 3 days ;-)

From Hasse I got, in the morning, his gift which is a weekend trip to a city of my choice this coming spring. What a wonderful gift and I was so happy :-)

My sister Helen, who was in Palma and couldn't be at the party sadly enough, has given me a surprise. November 21 and that weekend I know I will be staying at a hotel but don't know which one or what we are going to do. That I like :-)

The week after my birthday I had a big job making the thank you card and sending them
The thank you card front and back
The next week I had a lot of job but also preparations for the conference to be held Friday-Saturday.
Me and the working committee went down already on Thursday to prepare. Since my grandchild Malin now lives in Sodertalje (where the conference was) and is expecting her first child I went earlier to visit her.

I can now tell you the happy news that she had her babygirl on Wednesday October 1. Big congratulations to their little family - Malin, Alexander and babygirl
Isn't she just adorable? No name yet though.
The conference was great and in a wonderful location. I found this place when Danniel and I had our Mother-son day last year. The owner is so nice, service-minded, nothing is impossible, everything just a possibility for him. The cutest rooms, all different in style and decor. I just loved mine with the little balcony overlooking the sea.
My room

The view from my balcony in the morning. Notice the ice on the roof!!

Lunch in the beautiful dining- and breakfast room

Wonderful terrace to have breakfast on in the summer.
Then of course more job this week. I'm planning the 10th anniversary which my work celebrates in January so a lot of quotes and calls to do in order to fix all that. I also plan the trip to Berlin and this is outside my ordinary shores.
Also nurses visit for my usual B12 shot and other tests. Seems that when you turn 60 you need to do some tests but that is all good I think. 

Do you know what I did today?? I baked cinnamon buns I think around 80. Why you might ask?
Well, tomorrow it's cinnamon bun day here in Sweden so we eat cinnamon buns :-) 
I'm also having a meeting with the party committee of the Rheumatic association where I am the convener. So I will bring some cinnamon buns and I also made Vasterbotten pie for us to have for lunch. Nice, yes?

H.E.A.T on the other hand is in Chicago, playing in the US for the first time at Melodic Rock Fest.
Jonas and the others left on Monday and so far they have actually seen and been around in Chicago which is very nice and something they don't have in their schedule every time. They have also been to a NHL game and the first gig was yesterday. Next is on Saturday where they will headline.

Jonas and Erik the day they arrived very jet laged
All of H.E.A.T in Chicago
H.E.A.T have a very exiting end of 2014, which is once again a European tour starting November 26 and will finish December 19. So they will be home just in time for Christmas.
They are so worth all this!!

Next week I have two friends birthdays coming up and then on Friday me and Helen are going on Rockbaten, the Rock Boat, to Helsinki. On board, of course, H.E.A.T who will be playing.

So take care everyone and have a really nice weekend.