H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 1 augusti 2014

What a wonderful trip and concert this was!

Since last I wrote I have been on a trip to the archipelago of Sankt Anna in Ostergotland

This is where we were
together with my good friend Ingvor. We took my little blue car and down we went. It's not that far. It takes around 3,5 hours but that includes a stop for lunch. We had lunch at Soderkoping's brunn which is a very old brunn in fact the second oldest company in Sweden. It was founded in 1774.

After the lunch which was served on the glassed veranda (not very nice when it was over 30C) we drove the last bit down to Stegeborg's garden hotel which was the most delightful little hotel that I found just 2 days before we went. 

The hotel - beautiful surroundings

The thing is that I had previously booked a hostel by the sea but then I read that it didn't have a toilet or shower en suite but you would have to go down a steep stair to get to it and that is was a shared shower and toilet like for both men and women. Not interested in that! And the steep stair wouldn't have been good for me and my friend so desperately I looked for other accomodation and found this which turned out to be a real treasure. Beautiful room, not big but enough, with en suite and wonderful aminities.
Sankt Anna church - people queing up

Me and my friend Ingvor in line

After we had put our bags in the room off we went to the concert which was in Sankt Anna church. It was with two of my favorite singers and the most nice and humble artists I know. They are cousins and both of them grew up here. So every summer they traditionally have concerts here for a week. This was the first time for us but not the last. 
Peter, his nephew and his dad
Peter singing to Matilda from Phantom of the Opera - "sing to me, sing"
What a wonderful concert with Peter Johansson, Matilda Grün, family members from the age of 10 and up to Peter's father Janne. Other family members helped out with tickets, hosting and selling merch. After the concert we were given coffee and cinnamon buns (for free). The concert was so great and I cried, I laughed, I had goosebumps. Just like it should be if it's a great show. Looking forward to hearing them again at their Christmas show and earlier a rock show with Peter and his friend, equally rocking good, Bruno.

Stegeborgs harbor restaurant
Stegeborgs castle ruin
This is how close we sat to the water :-)
And as we sat there this schooner came for dinner and docked at the restaurant
After the concert (still around 30C) we went down to the Stegeborg harbor restaurant and got a table just beside the water. So nice and with a cooling breeze. After dinner we went back to the hotel and sat on the big veranda just enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside. A good nights sleep and woke up to 12C. What a relief that was. But of course during the day it rose to the usual (nowadays) 32C. 

Me at Torpa inn which we visited on the way home
I started working on Monday and it was like a sauna! No one had been there for 3 weeks and the heat (!) had accumulated in the stone house. I have been looking for fans all over Stockholm and Sweden and they aren't any to be found (we don't have AC in the office :-( ). They are all sold out. So I took my own from home to the big room at work. I have a small fan in my room which I bought myself a couple of years ago.
Because of the heat I have also moved down in our house. We have a split level house and downstairs it's much cooler. In my bedroom I have had 29C and I can't sleep when it's that hot. Downstairs it's "only" 25C but it's easier to sleep. So I bought an inflatable mattress exactly the same as we have in La Mirada when the girls come :-) It's really comfy to sleep on.
This is how I sleep now during this heat

Talking about H.E.A.T next week they will be in Alicante performing on Leyendas del Rock :-) They are out and about all the time :-) Good for them.

My sisters best friend in the world has had an accident and hit his head badly. He has been in ICU but happily enough he's out of there now and awake. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope he will be fully recovered. And to my sister who is there for him and her husband all the time - I love you and admire your strength.

Until next time - take care!