H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 19 juli 2014

Vacation time

Me and Hasse on boat sightseeing

My Mom's cousin Kerstin - a wonderful lady. The Öresundsbridge in the background
My suite - the wedding suite
Time flies when you are on vacation. Don't you think? I haven't written since July 9 and I have been doing fun stuff since then. No long trip but shorter ones.
Boat sightseeing with Turning Torso
Me at the same restaurant with the Marina behind me

One of the bridges we went under

First I went to Malmö in Scania to visit my Mom's cousin which I try to do as often as I can. We had a wonderful afternoon/evening together first at her home and then at this beautiful restaurant almost on the water. We sat outside overlooking the Öresundsbridge, the sea and we could even see Copenhagen on the other side, so a very clear day/evening. Of course by the sea we had fish. Gorgeous and a glass good white wine to that. I stayed one more day and it was said that my cousins might be there but I never heard from them. But I had a wonderful day ending up walking 8,7 km, shopping, taking a boatsightseeing at the canals (always like to do that) and went home on the third day.
Wonderful little restaurant I found called the Alley. 

Then on Tuesday me and Hasse went to "our" hotel for a 3-day stay there which is also by the sea, litterally. Our favorite room wasn't available (although I booked over 2 months ago asking for it) so we ended up in a suite which was nice but didn't have the windows we want. It had these round windows and you have to stand up by them to see anything. We want the big windows where you can sit and watch out on all the boat traffic that is going on and even lie in bed watching the water, the city and Djurgården. Instead we sat on the quay where they have, this year, placed lounge furnitures and had servings. It was so nice to go there after dinner, just sitting relaxed and watch all the traffic including the big cruise ships.

Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde

Hasse on the tram

Big cruise ship in Stockholm

"Our" hotel

Boat sightseeing

Sitting on the quay in the lounge watching ships go by

Rainbow but no rain

Svärdsjö - Dalarna

Our little lake close by - Norrviken
Yesterday we had our good friends Anne and Johnny over for dinner. It was so nice to meet them and have time to sit down and talk. The weather was just beautiful even if it's too hot for me. I was in the kitchen almost all day with the oven on so I was melting ;-) I made an asparagus soap with serrano chips as a starter, followed by a dish with chicken in a wonderful sauce gratinated in the oven with Wästerbotten cheese (!) and for dessert fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream and a home made caramel sauce. Very good! The dessert we ate outside in the garden because it had cooled down a bit and was "only" 24C. 
At the dinner table

Yes, we have H.E.A.T wave here now ;-)  I can't stand it because it's too hot to sleep. When it's like this you should have AC or at least be living by the sea where you have some sea breeze at least.
Our front garden
Speaking of H.E.A.T - yesterday they played in Padua, Italy as support, once again, for Scorpions. At the same time here in Väsby we have a rock festival which started yesterday and ends tonight. The final band playing is Europe! They will start at midnight and play until 1.45AM!!

Watch this video from Padua, Italy last night. Incredible!

Monday I'm going to have my Mom-Son day with Danniel and on Wednesday the same with Jonas. Tell you more afterwards. Thursday I'm going to the archipelago of S:t Anna in Östergötland to go to a concert with Peter and Matilda. Looking forward to that too. And then next week my vacation is over and I start work on Monday 28.

As always - take care whereever you are!