H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 4 juli 2014

4th of July

First of all I wish all of you my family and friends and readers from the USA a happy 4th of July!

I'm sorry I haven't written for so long but I have been on holiday in Gotland and we have almost no internet connection there :-( Sometimes we get throgh but only for short periods which means I can't write my blog only make comments on Facebook.

We did have a wonderful time in Gotland. When we arrived it was a thunder storm but the rest of the time we were there we had sunshine even if it was cold when we were out of the sun. But we had the best weather in Sweden anyway because there were rain- thunder- and halestorms as well as some tornados (which is rare for Sweden) and we had sunshine :-) 
Visby harbor

Most of the time we rested, just relaxed around the house but we also did some excursions. Like me and Emil went to Visby on our Mother-Son Day, something I have every summer with each and every one of my sons. It's a nice tradition and you get to talk to them more deeply about them, their lives and so on. I really appreciate the time I spend with them.

This week I worked as usual but had a lot to do before I'm off on my second (or should I say third since I was in LA in April) vacation. Now I have 3 weeks off and I haven't planned any long trips.

Tomorrow we will go to Svardsjo to visit Gunilla and Per and to attend a singalong with Lasse Berghagen. That will be fun. We will stay over night and go home on Sunday.

Next week I will go to Malmo, Scania, to visit my Mom's cousin Kerstin and I will stay for three days. That will also be so nice and precious since I haven't seen her for a long time.

The week after that Hasse and I will go to our favorite hotel here in Stockholm, Elite Marina Tower,, and stay for three days.

Then I have Mother-Son day with Danniel and Jonas the following week before going to S:t Anna in Ostergotland for a concert in St Anna church with two of my favorite artists Peter Johansson and Matilda Grün. I will stay overnight at St Anna garden with my friend.

Then it's home and work again Monday 28th. Summer passes so fast doesn't it?

Speaking of Jonas. He's the hardest to get a day with. Today for instance they are going to Barcelona to play on a big festival there. 
They have had so many gigs this spring and summer and I'm so happy for them. It's so well deserved!

Take care and have a lovely vacation (you who have that) I hope you will have a great summer. I will try to write but I can't promise anything ;-)