H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 17 maj 2014

Healing and Helsinki

Beautiful sunset over the Baltic sea at 10PM

Since the operation I have been doing really good. The healing goes well and I have been a good girl not overdoing anything.
On Thursday though Hasse and I went for a luxury cruise to Helsinki. We actually found out we haven't been there since 2011. We did go there last year on the cruise around the Baltic sea but we never left the ship. The harbour where the ship docked was so far from the town and it was a very sunny day so that's why we stayed on board last year. 
Stockholm archipelago

I wish I had a better camera. The moon was full and red-yellow, just stunning

The moped veteran race. In the background the Market square

Here you can how many there are and half had already passed here.
Lunch at Fazer café
 I also went to Helsinki in September on a conference cruise but never went ashore since we worked. 

Dinner at the Italian restaurant on board
So this was actually the first time in 3 years. Of course something spectacular happened. Last time it was a Formel 1 race with international stars. This time it was a race with veteran mopeds through Helsinki. There were several hundreds of them and some from very far away like Japan.

This is taken 6.30AM
Hasse found a very nice sweater. He always finds something to buy when in Helsinki or on the ship. We have a lovely lunch at Fazer café. Soup and deliciouse bread. And we walked and walked! We were so tired when we returned to the ship so we had a rest. 

The restaurant where we had our breakfast
I really love cruising and this time we had a balcony. We also had a calm and sunny trip and I sat on the balcony enjoying the archipelago while listening to a book. That's how it should be and it's so relaxing.

Me at breakfast
And yes Jo, I do miss the quiet beach days in La Mirada. The peace and calm and no musts. I also miss our talks, our laughs and just hanging out. I also, of course, miss Lulu but I suppose she has forgot me now. I miss sitting in the garden looking at the humming birds or be able to go out and take an orange from the tree. I wouldn't like the temperatures you're having now. That is way too hot for me.

This coming week I will cook for my job on Monday. On Wednesday I will go to my doctor to remove the stiches and to get my B12 shot. On Thursday I'm going to my friend Anne in Norrtalje and on Friday I have 2 meetings at the Rheumatic association. Saturday and Sunday nothing planned.

H.E.A.T is still on tour and having a huge success all over Europe. So well deserved. At the moment they are in England. Played London last night and Newcastle today.

Take care!