H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 25 mars 2014

Weight issues

As you know I'm not the slimmest person in the world ;-)And soon I'm going on a long trip by plane to LA.
So I started a very strict diet in January in which I just ate 1300 calories a day, lots of vegetables and good stuff. I usually don't eat that much vegetables because many of them make me sick. Anyway I have been on this diet for 11 weeks, very strict. I have written down everything I eat so I wouldn't cheat and think I ate less than I did. A very strict routine.
So how much have I lost during these 11 weeks? Take a guess. You can never guess I think.

Well I will tell you - 1 kilo!!!! 1 kilo what is that? Nothing at all! What's worse is that I got totally constipated and felt awful. I think it's because of all the vegetables but I don't know. So now I don't give a damn! I go back to what I usually eat and what I feel good eating. I don't eat very much and people often comment on that. How can I look the way I do when I don't eat more. My doctor, yes I have talked to him about this, says it sounds a bit like Cushings syndrome. I don't want no more syndromes! I have enough with the ones I already have, thank you. I will have a check-up with blood tests and other stuff and then meet my doctor again next week so I get all the medicine I need and he will clear me that I'm good to travel :-)

I usually don't feel bad about my body and how I look because I know it's not my doing. I mean it's not that I have eaten me to this. It's just my different diseases, medicine and lack of exercise (due to pain) that has made me like this. But the only time I feel really sad is when on planes! Because of my big stomach it's very hard and I often have to ask for extensions to the belt. The table in front won't go down so very hard to eat. But that is also why I always travel in business class. From Stockholm to London it's not that different just that you have an empty seat beside you. But from London to Los Angeles is totally different. You have like your own compartment and there is plenty of room to your table and you are also able to lie down and take a nap (if you are able to).

I know that most people struggle with weight issues from time to time but when you see someone weighing in at 56 kg saying they are fat, I get angry! What message does it send to young girls (and especially if they have daughters).

Enough of this moaning but sometimes you just have to vent, I'm sorry.
Tomorrow is our annual meeting with the Rheumatic association district and I have a lot of tasks. I have to show the budget and the annual economic status. Then I also have to propose the fees for the board which then will be subject for decision of the members. There will also be election of the new board. I'm up again for treasurer (which I have been and still are)and also as delegate for the Swedish Rheumatic association assembly. We will see what happens.

The day after the working committe are having lunch at our chairwoman's house. Saturday I will go to the Royal Opera and see Don Giovanni. That should be fun. Sadly it's the last opera of the season :-( But we will go again as soon as the new season starts in September :-)

The sun is shining here and despite a cold night I think it will be nice during the day, maybe up to +5-6 C. How about that? Now I really need to work. I hope you will have a great day. Today is the Waffle day here and I will treat my co-workers to waffles as a dessert after lunch.Take care and talk to you soon.