H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 7 mars 2014

Friends, show, H.E.A.T and more...

It has been a while since I wrote and now it's a new month and all - March! Can you believe how fast January and February passed?
Here in Sweden they say we have spring now, that is meteorological spring. That is when the temp. is above 0 C day and night. And it is but it's still not warm. Today for instance it's a very strong wind and it feels really cold. We did have one day with sunshine this week and how we treasure that :-)

Last weekend we had our good friends K and J over for dinner. Very nice but I totally forgot to take photos. We had so much to talk about ;-) But I had made an asparagus soap with bread to start. Then ovencooked salmon with a lot of good stuff on top. To that I served homemade lemon aioli, potatoes and salat. 
And for dessert I made a pecan/walnut fudgepie. After that we were completely full. A nice evening with good food and good friends.

Sunday I cooked all day, again, but this time for work. Yes, it was my time to have Monday lunch and I made a favorite "rerun". I first made the dish in 2010 and it was a hit and was the first one I "won" with.
 And since it was the time of the year when we eat "semlor" I baked those and filled them with my own almond paste. Very appreciated but you can't eat more than one of those. They are usually very sweet but I did make them less sweet.

I also had the last meeting with the auditors (at least this year) and this time it was the Rheumatic association. Everything was in order, of course, and I trust our members will grant us discharge during the annual meeting.

Yesterday I was invited to a VIP-event onboard Silja lines ship Silja Serenade. She has been updated and rebuilt especially when it comes to shopping. They now call it "The shopping mall of the Baltic Sea". We first had a glass of champagne upon arrival (not me though since I was driving). Then the CEO described the work that had been done and we were welcomed onboard. We then was treated to a delicious lunch in the redecorated Grand Buffet. After that we could go to any shop onboard and buy whatever we wanted except for alcohol, cigarettes which we can't take ashore since we hadn't been out of the country. We bought some small things but me and my friend was more interested in the Commodore-class cabins. Hasse and I are going on such a luxury cruise in May. The cabins (that are more like suites) were so nice. Really good transformation.
This cabin has the themes sea and sand. On the photo above you of course see a cabin with sea theme.
When we left the ship we received a goodie bag which contained the following:
Very nice - a free cruise, prosecco, chocolate and perfume :-)

After that it was time to head to the Rheumatic district and a boardmeeting before we all took off to Hamburger Bors which is a show restaurant in Stockholm. This was to say thanks to the year that has passed because on the annual meeting a new board will be elected and some of the members will not be elected again.

After we had eaten Jill Johnsson started her show. She sings a lot of country and the show was really, really good!

Today I have been to the doctor to get my regular shot :-) So now I'm good for 3 weeks again.

The weekend will be quite nice. Nothing planned so we can take it easy. It's the final of the Swedish Eurovision so I will probably watch that and tonight it's the Swedish Dancing with the stars.

Ah, I almost forgot. H.E.A.T is in Madrid right now and will be support for Scorpions in a sold out arena with 20 000!! That is really great. Eric and Erik have been promoting their new album, "Tearing down the walls", in Berlin, Paris, London and Madrid this last week.

I hope you all have a really good weekend.