H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 26 december 2013

Christmas time

I last wrote on Lucia day and much has happened since then. First we had our Christmas party at work which like tradition bids were spent cooking for each other a 3-course dinner. And of course in this was a little competition :-)
I was still very tired from eating the antibiotics and also having the bronchitis but I managed to stay all night!
 From our balcony kitchen looking down to the shop
Bjorn and Marco fixing things

The team with the entrée

My team, the main course

and more from my team

Chantarelle soup

Delicious cod with white wine sauce, almond potatoe and shrimpsalat (my team)


Dessert, chocolate fondant with mint pears

The day after I went to my doctor and he seemed happy with my tests except the CRP and sed rate. I had sent him (and his wife who is nurse at the clinic) a nice gift which he thanked for. I have had the same doctor for 25 years and that is rare. He can see on me when I'm not feeling well and that is so valuable.

The days following that was filled with cooking and preparing for Christmas Eve.
Emil came over early for Christmas breakfast. Then a couple of hours later my BFF came with our "adopted" grandchildren and even greatgrandchild. We had some coffee and cakes and exchanged gifts. Very nice and a tradition for many years.
My BFF Inger with grandchild Freya (which makes me great grandmother)

Claes, Tracy (Freya's parents) and Tanya
Shortly after Danniel and Jonas arrived and after having Santaporridge with hamsandwich for lunch the boys played Monopoly while waiting for Donald Duck's Christmas to start. As tradition bids at 3PM. Mandy who worked came later at 2.30PM.
The boys are into the game

Danniel smiles, maybe he got some money :-)
I saw Donald Duck for 30 minutes and then I started to lay out the Christmas table. Since Helen and her family is in Florida we have their dog Pinglan here and she was very, very interested in all the food and she didn't leave my side.
Watching Disney

Pinglan is very interested in what's in the oven

Christmas table is set

Emil take some ham. We always have cold food before the warm dishes.

Cheers and bon appetit!

Happy faces
After eating, always too much, it was time for gifts. This year we each bought a Christmas gift for 200 SEK and then we had like a lottery. Very nice and I think we will stick to that. Of course I had also bought some things for each of them.

Christmas Day we went to Gavle for the next celebration. We got to see most of the grandchildren and other relatives. We were 18 plus one dog (Danniel had Pinglan luckily enough) and we had a great time. We ate, chatted and had coffee. The young ones played cards and they also had a great time.
Playing cards

Our daughter in law with her sister's grandchild Emma

We couldn't all sit together cause we were so many so some is sitting behind me

Me with Klara and Lisa (grandchildren)

Malin, grandchild)

Today we have just been home, eating more Christmas food and I especially has a very bad foot today. I don't know what has happened but it's all swollen and hurts like h...l.

Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with my boys to see "the 100-year old that went out the window....." You know I have told you about the book.

On Saturday we are going to our good friends Kitte and Janne for dinner. That will be very nice too. We haven't had time to see each other since summer.

So lots of things going on as usual but nice things and a chance to meet and catch up with family and friends which you normally never have time for.

Take care everyone and I hope you all have had a great Christmas too.