H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 13 december 2013

OK, now I'm sick instead

Good advice Jo and I have taking it easy but of course then I got ill. So despite feeling bad on Monday I went to the Christmas concert which was just wonderful and magical.
The next day I had the day off (good of me) but wasn't feeling well. I had a headache, coughed a lot, was shivering - well you got the picture.
But the next day of course I went to work. I had to do all the invoicing, the salaries for December (I don't think anyone would have liked it not being paid this month) and so on. So I was at work at 05.20AM (I couldn't sleep so I thought I could go and work instead) already and I worked hard until I was done at 1.30PM. Then home and as I suspected I had fever. So I drank hot water with ginger and honey and that's about what I have had to eat the last days.
Today I was down to my doctor's to take some bloodtests before meeting with my Dr Christer next week. Well, one of the tests, the CRP (which shows infections) was so high that the nurse got me a doctor's appointment at once. Not my ordinary because he has Fridays off.
She examined me and I have bronchitis which in the lower parts and could go to pneumonia if you don't treat it so now I'm on antibiotics. Hopefully I will get better and this doctor said it was good that I had an appointment with Christer next week so he can follow up and see that I'm OK.

So there you go. Despite all the lovely things I've done it doesn't matter I get sick anyway.

OK I don't know what has happened to the photos down below but they look rather funny. They are from when Helen and I was at my favorite hotel, spending the night in my favorite room, having Christmas table at night and complimentary champagne :-)

The other is from the Christmas concert I and my friends went to. Fantastic is the word. 

 From the Christmastable at Reumatikerdistriktet.

Now I'm off to bed again and I hope I get well soon. Take care!

Oh, I nearly forgot!!! H.E.A.T is to headline Melodic Rock Fest 4 in Chicago in October 2014. They headline Saturday night! I will try to go there for sure.