H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

tisdag 3 december 2013

A wonderful day that ended with a chock!

Yesterday I was invited to a VIP-evening at a very famous inn here in Stockholm. It's Ulriksdal's Inn known to have hosted both Kings and Queens and also having a princess as neighbor for many years.

I was invited with a + 1 so I asked one of my colleagues if she wanted to come with me and she was very happy and accepted.
So I went to fetch her at the trainstation (she had been in a meeting)

While waiting for her I went in to the store and bought some groceries and when she came we headed for the Ulriksdal. We arrived to a wonderful setting with lots of pitch tourches leading the way.

Inside we were greated with glogg (alcoholfree for me since I was to drive home) and a nibble to eat. Then a very interesting lecture about Christmas traditions in general and food in particular by a famous TV-personality (Swedish) Edward Blom.

And then off to the sumptuos Christmas table (julbord) with everything you could wish for to eat. Herrings, salmon in all forms and shapes, Christmas ham of course, meatballs, porridge and so much more. Very very generous and so good. To end it all there was a wonderful candy table :-) To top it off we were all handed a goodiebag when we went home.

I drove home happy and content after 3 hours, came home and took my bags out of the car. My bags? Where are my bags? I couldn't find them anywhere and I have a very small car, no places to hide them. Still I started looking, even in the back although I knew I hadn't put them there. Then it hit me! Someone had stolen them. But my car was locked when I came out? How did this happen.
I went outside my car and saw the lock on my side, driver side, had been broken. The central lock still function so I hadn't noticed that. I was in total chock. Nothing like this have ever happened to me! Among the things that were stolen was my IPhone (workphone), my terminalglasses ( also work), my reading glasses and my sunglasses (yes a lot of glasses but I have bad sight).
Then two bags of groceries I had bought. Were the thieves hungry or what?
I was angry, in chock, sad all that at the same time.

Then I tried calling the police. Well, after 40 minutes I decided to report the theft on internet instead. Then I had to call and block the phone (actually that was the first thing I did)

So today has been a very hectic day. Insurance companies to call, opticians to get new glasses, a LOT of work at work and also a very busy week.

I hate those idiots who stole my wonderful day and now cause me so much trouble.

I hope at least you all are doing good. Take care!