H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 14 november 2013

Nothing much....

This week has been so grey and dull. It's November and it shows. I am so tired, I have a lot of pain and I'm whining right now :-)

Our washing machine broke down, then our dishwasher :-( Hasse said: at least the coffe machine is intact. Oh, I said don't say that because it's to challenge destiny. And wasn't I right. The coffe machine broke down as well.

So this week we have bought a new machine park ;-) Dish, wash and coffee machines bought and installed. Not what we needed so close to Christmas!

Today I'm trying to bake sourdough bread for the first time. It's fermenting right now so I have time to write here. I'm so curious to see how it turns out.

I have also, for the first time, grinded meat with my new mixer that has this attachment. I will make hamburgers tonight with it or maybe meatballs. Haven't decided yet.

Today it is Emil's namesday and we celebrated him with his favorite pastry - Budapest pastry. He also had namesday on Tuesday when it was Marten.

Tomorrow we have planning day with the Rheumatic association and on Saturday conference with the chairwomen of the Rheumatic association. On Sunday I rest.

 Take care and enjoy the day!