H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 21 oktober 2013

H.E.A.T on Firefest in Nottingham, me educating economy

 H.E.A.T in Nottingham

I haven't been writing since October 6 and that is because I have been making all education material I needed for October 19.

It has taken me almost 2 weeks in the time I have before I become too tired to do anything. 

Gorgeous photo of H.E.A.T

What has happened since last then?

H.E.A.T came home from China on Tuesday night and then went again on Friday - this time to Nottingham and Firefest where they played for the 4th time. They made a huge success :-) and as always they give their all on stage. (No I wasn't there :-( but I wish I had been)

Now they are back again but will head out to France next weekend to play a big festival :-) I'm so glad Jonas get to do this while he's young. He gets to see and experience so much.

October 10 I was in Norrtälje for treatment by my very good friend and afterwards, as always, a lunch by the sea.

October 12 we went to visit Linnea (our grandchild who has moved to Stockholm) and have coffee with her and Staffan and Lena. Emil and Linnea is the same age. They were born just 3 months apart so Hasse became father and grandfather within 3 months! They used to share the same stroller and we had a hard time explaining that they weren't twins but how they were related. Emil is her uncle.

October 13 Danniel and Emil came over for Sunday dinner and we had a good time together. Danniel has in 6 months lost 88,5 lbs which is a great achievement and I'm very proud of him.


October 16 We had a meeting with the working committe and after that, meeting in the foundation where we granted money for research purposes within the rheumatic spectra.

October 17 I had my car in for service. They had told me it would take 1,5-2 hours. Since this is a bit far from home I had asked myself in for coffee with my friend who lives nearby. 1,5-2 hours!!?? Flapdoodle, nothing of the sort. At 3.30PM it was ready and I had left the car at 945AM. So we had lunch and coffee once again. Well, we did some planning as well ;-)

 Some of the students in group work

October 19 Economic education between 10-16 for 20 people! Remember I'm not a teacher and I have never taught. But they seemed to like it and they said they learned a lot. I even got applause, flowers and chocolate. It was actually quite fun especially since this is an area I know.

 Me as a teacher (maybe it's in my genes Jo ;-) )

Yesterday I rested!! I slept for 9 hours, something I never do except when I'm ill. It was so nice and much needed. Then I baked an apple pie for us to have with the afternoon coffee. 

Do you see a pattern here? Yes, we do drink a LOT of coffee :-)

Today and this week work as usual but nothing else planned except on Saturday when I will go to the Opera and watch The Magic flute by Mozart.