H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

lördag 31 augusti 2013

Saturday August 31 - last day of summer?

OK here I go again :-)


Where did I left off? Yes, at last weekends fireworks :-) Fantastic! And so unexpected. I started to see that something was going on around 830PM when several police boats came and sealed the area from other boats. I thought something had happened but as the time went on more and more small boats gathered and then at 10PM a big boom came and it all started and kept going for 15 minutes. And we were at the front row :-)
Hasse at Boule & Berså where we had coffee (me) and beer (Hasse) in the beautiful weather
Me in front of "our" hotel
I loved the ship - Brilliance of the seas - and I wouldn't mind going with her, at all. It was the first time that I've been on a cruise ship viewing and the guide have been Swedish! They usually have someone onboard, information/guestservices or something but this time a Swedish guy from Scania. He does work with RCCL and has done so for 8 years.
The pool area outside on Brilliance of the Seas
The casino on board, not Las Vegas but quite big.
Captain's table where you can have a gourmet meal
The cruise ship from below

Then this week has just been work Monday-Wednesday, nothing out of the ordinary but fun :-) I'm planning something with my boss but it's a big secret and I can't even write about it here if someone from work reads this.

A beautiful and peaceful morning when the sun just came up

Thursday I went to my Doctor to see how I was ;-) All bloodtests regarding cholestorol and sugar was great. No worries there which is great. I mean I have so much else on my plate that I don't need that too. I have a lot of inflammations going on in my body but there is nothing to do about that except taking pain killers and anti inflammatory medicine. These things pops up now and then because of my diseases. This summer, though a very nice one, has been really bad. I think it's due to the hot weather and high humidity. Several of my friends have been worse too.

I was looking for a picture symbolizing pain when I found this. So true and something you tend to forget, don't you?

Yesterday, as I told you, I went to see Mandy and give her the birthday gifts. I bought her a very nice bracelet from New York, also a scented candle (kind of big), a glass votive and a potpurri. I think she really liked it.

Later she was to fetch Jonas at the airport. He's taken a break from the album recording to come here and celebrate both Mandy but also 2 of his friends that have turned 30. He will go back Monday morning to continue the recording.

Here's a video they have uploaded, enjoy:

H.E.A.T - studio diaries

Today it's Saturday and we are getting ready for "Melodikrysset" which is a program on the radio where you solve a crossword which consists of question involving music. All kinds of music from way back to this day. We always do that every Saturday but we have never won anything though I think we have sent it in for at least 10 years every week!

Have a good weekend everyone and I'll to write more but I'm afraid next week is also crazy. We have a conference Thursday to Saturday on a cruise to Helsinki and I'm partly responsible arranging the trip and also doing some education.

So wish me luck with that.