H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 12 augusti 2013

100-year old party, H.E.A.T and NEW YORK!

Since I last wrote I have been to the 100-year party in Gävle which was on, probably, the hottest day of the year - 31C and this time it's on the plus-side ;-)

Good food, drinks, laughter, singing and dancing. It was a great night. We stayed the night at a hotel since the house already was overcrowded with family and friends sleeping over.

Work again Monday until Wednesday and then on Wednesday afternoon I and Helen put our Mom to the final rest besides Olle. It was a very tender and fine moment when we placed the urn in the grave. We also planted a rose on the grave.

After that we went to Ulriksdal's Inn where we had a nice dinner while overlooking a horsepadock and a lake which is right by the Inn. The Inn is actually in the same spot as Ulriksdal castle and is a gorgeous place.

After eating I gave Helen a gift since she turned 50 the next day. Can't believe my little beautiful sister is 50. She doesn't look it at all! She's the best, so empathic, generous and thoughtful and I love her

On Thursday I met my friend who I spent the road trip to Helsingborg with. This time we visited a mansion for lunch. Pretty good and a stunning location. Tell you more about that later on.

Then on Saturday I had all my sons home. It was a kind of goodbye dinner since Jonas and H.E.A.T will enter the studio today and record their 4th album. After that they are heading to China for a tour and straightly after going to Nottingham and Firefest. I'm as you can understand very proud of the guys!

So this dinner was the last chance for a long time to see them. I'm of course proud of Emil and Danniel too. They have achieved so much this last year and keep doing so. Danniel has began a new life and has lost a lot of weight. He's out cykling and walking every day.

Emil too has started to cykle and walk and has come such a long way since last summer. He's now a rawmodel to others and maybe he, in time, will be able to share his story with young people maybe in schools.

Now the next big thing for me is that I go to New York on Wednesday morning with Helen and her daughter for an extended weekend. We will be in NY for 5 days and will be back on Monday. One thing, which is one of my presents for Helen, is that we have great tickets to see Phantom of the Opera with Peter Jöback (his last week on Broadway). I have after that seen the Phantom, I think, 10 times and I have also seen Peter Jöback in the role as the Phantom in London and now in NY. I love the musical which you might can tell ;-)

I will try to take photos and place on Facebook for you too see.

Have a great time. I'm sure I will :-)