H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

måndag 22 juli 2013

Wonderful weekend

 The fasade of the hotel a former mill (qvarn or kvarn means mill) and landmark

Back home again after a wonderful weekend at "our" hotel. This time we stayed Friday-Sunday and this was (as I might have mentioned) my prize from the cooking competition at work.

Part of our room

We arrived on Friday at 2PM and didn't get our favorite room but the exact same room one floor below. We were this time greated with wine and chocolate in our room complimentary from the hotel. It's such a nice gesture which we totally appreciate. Thank you Elite :-)

Here is the outside restaurant and in the window you see Hasse in our room

Later in the afternoon Emil and Viktoria arrived and we had dinner together. And what a dinner it was. So good!! We were completely full after that and just went up to the room to relax before they headed home. Great evening and we fell asleep listening to the sound from the waves hitting the shore. What a way to sleep and to wake up to.

 Viktoria, Hasse and Emil at the dinner table
 Me and Emil :-)
 The starter: Skagenröra with toast
 My main course: Fish and chips made out of perch and with chantarelle tartar
Dessert: Creme brulée with rhubarb, cardamom sorbet and strawberry

Saturday we woke up to a blue sky and we decided to go touristing :-) We jumped on the ferry and then walked down to Grand hotel where the sightseeing boats leave. We bought a tour under Stockholm bridges which is 2 hour long and takes you through 2 locks as well. Great scenic tour and so interesting to see Stockholm from the water. It's great to see people bathing in the capital. We have several nice sand beaches in different places and the water is cleaner than ever. It hasn't been this good in 17 years.

I wonder how many capitals there are where you can take a clean, fresh swim in?

 Hasse listening to the guide on the sightseeing boat
 View of Vasa museum

After the tour we took another boat (!) to our hotel. Yes, since our hotel is by the water there is a commute boat that takes you there from the city. In the evening and on the weekends when there aren't that many tours the hotel itself has a boat that take guests to the city, the Gröna Lund or Gamla stan and it's for free!! That is what I call service.

Sunset over Grona Lund, isn't this beautiful?

In the evening we once again had dinner at the hotel (included in our package) and as usual great, great food. Their meat is incredible. It tastes just like meat used to taste, like real meat. Nowadays I don't know what it is you get when you buy meat. It doesn't taste meat!

Cruise ship arriving to Stockholm in the morning.

Then we watched the sun go down over Stockholm and listened to the sounds from Gröna Lund and later the calming sound of water before going to sleep.

Sunday we started out by watching a big cruise ship coming in and then a wonderful long breakfast before going up packing and leaving around noon.

Later Staffan and Lena came by for coffe before they went home to Gavle again.

Today I have a day without anything planned (!), just some shopping and cooking to do. Tomorrow mammogram.

Take care!