H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

torsdag 11 juli 2013

Doing Stockholm like tourists

 View from our hotelroom
Yes, we do that sometimes during summer which is quite fun.
On the ship at Anderson's club room
First we went on a cruise ship for a ship visit while the ship is in port here in Stockholm. We were a small group of 20 allowed on board. This is something I get an invite to in spring. I get to choose from several ships and hopefully I will get one. This year we are actually going on two, the other one in August.
 M/S Aurora
But this time it was P&O Cruises and the ship Aurora. This is an English ship which you could tell by the decor. This ship also do around the world trips where they are out for 3 or 4 months.
 Hasse in front of the center piece on board
 Wonderful flowers on board
I liked the style on board, it was cosy but a bit dark like an English pub, but of course much more luxurious. Hasse was more concerned about the narrow and long corridors in case of fire. The fireman in him never dies ;-)
 The theater really looked like a theater :-)
Nice view of one of the pools on board
We were guided through the whole ship and after the tour we were treated with lunch. We had a regular menu just like the one the passangers have so we could choose from a big variety of dishes. Me and Hasse took the hadock which was so good. For dessert Hasse had icecream and I had something that looked like a cheesecake but was called a lemon tarte. They also served wine but of course I had to drive so I just had water.
 Another pool area
The haddock which rather pale but was so good!

After the viewing I drove to "our" hotel where we had booked our favorite room and also some extra called love and dine, all courtesey to Helen who gave us this for Christmas. Thank you so much Helen.
 What met us in our room(well I didn't take the photo until we had tasted some ;-))
 The champagne

We got our room and when entering we had champagne, very good one, exotic fruits, chocolate and roses in our room. The roses were a gift from the hotel. So nice of them.
On my new phone I can play like this :-)
As it was a Tuesday we also got to listen to the singalong at Skansen but first it was dinner. Yes, that was included in the package. So we had a 3-course meal, puh! I'm not used to eat so much but I have to say the beef we got was so good!! I just ate the beef and didn't bother about potatoe, sauce or nothing. So, so good and tasted just like meat should taste and not like the "meat" you buy in the store nowadays.
A video taken from our room and you can hear the sounds from the singalong and see the boats (or maybe you can't, I don't know if it works)

After dinner it was time to go to our room open the windows and listen to the singalong. It was just a beautiful day with sunshine and very warm.
During night the rain came which also was great and much needed. It has been dry for so long and the lawns are all yellow and the leaves are yellow and falls from the trees because of the lack of rain.

Tomorrow I will have a mother-son day with Danniel just like I had with Emil on Gotland. We will either go to Södertälje or to a castle in Norsborg. I haven't decided yet. We'll see tomorrow.