H.E.A.T at Rockbåten, photo by Pär Altan

fredag 5 juli 2013

Gotland, work and holiday

 View from our beach
Directly after the funeral we, that is me, Hasse and Emil, went to our summerhouse in Gotland. We arrived on Midsummer's Eve in the afternoon to a wonderful and sunny weather.
Happy men having coffee
The only downside with Gotland is the travel to the island. It cost a fortune nowadays to go over. The only way is by ferry and in 4 years the prices have gone up with 50%. And since I had to make a last minute change we had to go with the smaller ship and of course there was a high sea so people threw up around us :-( We paid this time for 3 people and 1 car return ticket SEK 4000 which is like a week for 2 in a warm place like Spain.
Luckily we have a house already. Just think if we had to rent one as well! The price for one week of renting a house is like SEK 7000.
 In Gotland there are 92 churches everyone just beautiful. Here are a couple of them. First Hemse church
 The very old paintings in Hemse church
 Fröjel church
Visby cathedral
But once in the house you forget all this and just enjoy the sunshine, the sea, to walk alongside the sea, to go to the local farmer and buy your fresh strawberries (can't buy the ordinary one at home after eating these ones), safron pancakes and vegetables grown on the farm. What a difference to the "vegetables" you buy in your regular shop! It's so worth the extra crowns it cost. We ate a lot of salats with just a burger, a sausage or a beef to. You didn't need any potatoes or nothing because it was so good.
I miss this!!

Beautiful view of Visby from Högklint
 Me in Visby having coffe :-)

 Full moon over Kvarnåkershamn

We stayed for 10 days which was very nice and a way to relax before heading home to work and to deal with all the paperwork after Mom.
We had 10 days of sunshine, believe it or not. Not always the warmest but we are close to the sea and it was just around 15C in the water. Two nights there were rain but that doesn't matter since it was sun during the days.
 We visited our good friends in the northern part of Gotland and had coffee at the "klinten"
 Drinks before dinner (alcohol free!)
My wonderful husband <3 i="">
After returning home again on Sunday I worked Monday until Wednesday like a maniac. I had to do things that normally takes me 2 weeks in 3 days! That is because I'm on vacation again and now until July 29 :-) I did, of course, had divertucilitis in Gotland which isn't surprising after all that has happened. So I started taking my medicine but on Tuesday night it started itching under my feet but I didn't think much about it. Wednesday morning when I looked in the mirror I saw a lot of red spots and they were itching like h....l. But off to work I went but then it started to get worse so I called the hospital and asked what I should do. As you understand it was a heavy allergic reaction that I had and it got worse and effected my head, my eyes and ears as well as my stomach and chest. I was afraid my eyes would shut so I couldn't see. She recommended allergy medicine but if it got worse like starting itching in my mouth I had to go to the ER. Our intern volonteared to go and buy for me and when she got back I took one pill and after 1 1/2 -2 hours it started to settle. I have always been able to take that medicine before but probably because of everything that had happened I was so rundown that my body reacted like this.
I had already stopped taking it the night before so I can't have that now. I get the same reaction with penicillin.
And a self portrait, not very good though :-(
Well as I said, now I have vacation again and this weekend we aren't doing anything special. But on Tuesday we will go on a cruise ship visit including a tour and lunch on board. We have done this before and it's very nice :-) After that we head to "our" hotel for a "love and dine" stay ;-) It's Helen's Christmas gift for us that we now are taking on :-)

Then we are home again just relaxing before going back to "our" hotel, this time to enjoy the prize I got from my work for winning the cooking competition last year. We will then stay for 2 nights and it also includes dinner :-)

Then I have the estate inventory after Mom. I have hired a lawyer to help out.
So a lot of papers to find and take care of. I have also made thank you cards which we will send to all that remembered Mom at her funeral.

Take care out there and I hope you all enjoy your summer whatever you do :-)